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    Hello together,

    I receive an error if I upload an Image to the System. File type .jpg

    “due to security restriction, the file type cannot be uploaded ”

    I was able to upload Images bevor I changed to the Minivet theme.

    Thx for any idea or resolution.

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    I tried to upload the image on our test server and did not face any issue. I tried from Media–>Media option.
    How you uploaded the image?
    Can you please let me know the version of wordpress you are using? Latest is 4.7.1. Please try updating it once, if its not up to date and then try to upload the image. Check if you are still getting the error.
    – Also can you please let me know the version of the theme you are using?
    – Can you please share your site URL?

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    I also use the media upload function, but I receive the error.

    MinivetVersion: 1.2
    WordPress 4.7.1 verwendet das Theme Minivet.
    site URL: – I currently just installed the template.

    Thank you

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    Apologies for the delay in reply.
    – Can you please try clearing your browser cache and then upload the image. check if its working.
    – Can you please try changing the browser and check for the issue?

    – Can you please check if there exist a plugin conflict due to which you are facing this issue?
    Have you tried zeroing on which plugin conflicts with the theme?

    First, we need to confirm it is a plugin conflict –
    The best way to do that is to disable all plugins and try to upload the image – does it work?
    Yes – means it is a plugin conflict.

    So the next step is to zero in on which plugin is impacting the theme –
    Please enable each plugin one by one and check for the issue – so you can find out which plugin causes it to break.

    Do let me know if you are still not able to upload the image

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