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    Hi I would like to have the entire header white (full width)

    Also can I adjust the area between uploaded banner image and nav bar?

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    I am using Blox Pro 2 and would like to add the built in social icons to the footer — it appears that they can only be added to the header area and it does not currently work with the banner.

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    Pallavi Chanodia


    I checked your record and found that you purchased club in March 16. With club purchase you get 1 month of free plus support and free updates & new releases for a year. After that for assitance with custom CSS you will need to signup for plus support –

    Currently social icons are can be seen in header are. But I quite didn’t understand what you mean by it does not work with banner. Can you please explain ?

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    I have this template also and it seams that it just wont load the header image/logo! ;-(
    trying now for 2 days and still not working?

    Some images it will load but when i want to change it it just stick to the old one or no image at all.
    Any idea’s?

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    Now i realy would like to have a answer about the header not showing.

    Trying all day again with all kind of different extentions like jpg, png, gif, bitmap an so on
    all diferent sizes in all extentions but STILL NOTHING WILL SHOW ON MY HEADER

    Needs some answers soon…
    cant let my site go live without a logo on top!!!

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    Apologies for the delay.
    I checked your site and it doesn’t use Blox pro theme. I think you have changed the theme. Also, there exists a header image at the top.
    Let me know if you are still facing the issue.
    Once again apologies for the late reply.

    Thank you.

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    I think I had to change themes because I could not make it work.

    Thanks, Denise

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    No problem. I checked your site and it uses fresh pro theme.
    Let me know if you have any queries with this theme.

    Thank you.

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