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    How do I get the blog page to show blog posts in the two column format like in this demo page?

    Also, I need to override the portfolio layout in my child theme – how do I do that?

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    No reply yet on this, but I figured out how to get the blog page set up as in the demo page… and how to override the drag n drop layouts.

    For others…

    To get the blog page to look like the demo page:
    Go to Admin Menu -> Settings -> Reading and set ‘Your homepage displays’ to a static page. Set the home page to your home page and make sure the blog page is set to — Select —

    Then on your Blog page – use the drag n drop items to set up ‘Magazine’ as follows:
    Sidebar – Off
    Meta Data – On
    Featured Image – On
    Category – Choose what you want here
    Number of Columns – 2
    Number of Rows – 3 (set this as desired)
    Wide Posts Below Magazine – Off
    Number of Wide Posts – 1 (this is the default and doesn’t matter if Wide Posts Below Magazine is Off)

    Note – This will get you close, but you will see that the featured images are shown as thumbnails (150px by 150px) rather than full width like the demo.
    To customize this further you need to override the pluggable Magazine class in the parent theme. If you are not developer you will need help with this.
    If you want my help contact me at Sensible Websites.

    Overriding any of the other drag n drop layouts (e.g. portfolio, testimonial etc.) also requires overriding the appropriate pluggable class in the parent theme.

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    Apologies for the delay.
    Happy to know that you found the solution. If you have any more queries, feel free to raise it here.
    Thank you.

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