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    I have the eshopper pro 2 theme installed with WooCommerce and I’m betting a lot of blocked resource messages from google console. This website was migrated over to shopper 2 and used to have 163 indexed pages. It’s now down to 13 and my google search ranking is going down. According to Google, it’s the blocked resources that’s the problem.
    How can I address this “blocked resource” issue and get the entire site indexed? Is it related to the theme at all?

    Thanks in advance.

    The site is

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    Can you please share the screenshot of the errors you are getting?
    Moreover, try deactivating all the plugin on your site and then check if you are still getting the error. Maybe some plugin creating those blocked messages.

    Try it and let me know the result.
    Thank you.

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    Ok, I deactivated them all and still get the blocked resource message. But I don’t see anyway to upload the screenshot. Can you tell me how to do that?


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    Can you please upload the screenshot on your site and share the link?

    Thank you.

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    Try this, it’s not all the error messages, but you maybe get the idea:



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