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before the Loop on Blog Index Page

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    Gregory G.

    Building a strict two column design based on 1.9.1. free responsive. All is good except… the Blog Index page.

    The site wide page template is based off of the sidebar-content-page.php file. The HOME page and BLOG page templates are set in both the WordPress Readings Setting, and Theme Options to Sidebar/Content, and Posts template set to same. The LOGO, LOGO DESCRIPTION, and HEADER MENU has been removed from the header and placed in content area of the page. (the sidebar-content-page template responds to mobile devices by placing the sidebar below the content and above the footer containers.) So the logo and nav need to be at the top of the content-container – which results in a logo and nav menu st the top of the page when responding to a mobile device page width.

    All good except the BLOG INDEX page…
    OMG… trying to drop the LOGO, LOGO DESCRIPTION, and HEADER MENU before the LOOP.

    The SINGLE.PHP page is good, but the JOURNAL/NEWSLETTER/BLOG/POST page is a dynamic build and i don’t have any more hair to pull out.

    home page

    blog index

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    Sorry, support staff cannot assist with this level of customization.

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    Gregory G.

    Didn’t expect staff support it… WordPress forum Moderator ( esmi
    Theme Diva & Forum Moderator) directed the post here.

    maybe an experienced user might offer some advice..
    correct forum use, right?

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    Gregory G.

    Hey Greg,
    I can help…
    the regular page flow is header> page-template> sidebar> footer;
    but when a BLOG page defined, the page low is header> home-page-template> sidebar> footer.

    you need to edit a copy of home.php in the child theme… add your LOGO, LOGO DESCRIPTION, and HEADER MENU below the <div id="content-blog" call.

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    Thomas Oliver

    Clear (please ignore this reply)

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