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    I want to add an additional widget area that is large like the colophon widget directly underneath my header menu and BEFORE my content/sidebar area b/c I want to add a slider on every page of my site. I already made every page have all the widgets of the home page and that worked out nicely, and I have a sidebar manager plugin that allows me to make each widget relevant to each page….BUT

    I cannot understand how to add a big fat widget area where I need it for the life of me. I read both versions 1&2 of the ‘add widget area’ posts on this forum, and I can understand it partially, but I can’t get it to work for what I want.

    I really like the idea of the hooks/functions and would love to do that with the colophon widget, and and just stick it on the relevant hook but I can’t even figure that our or I am not wording it right in the php b/c twice my site went dead and I had to fix it.

    I looked at the github hook page, but I’m still lost as there seems no hook or function way to add a colophon-like large centered widget anywhere. Please help! Thanking you in advance,

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    Unfortunately PHP modifications are beyond the scope and resources of these support forums, sorry. If you need assistance with PHP modifications you could hire someone:

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    Wow, that is really disappointing that you cannot provide for me php code to modify my theme for one extra widget area. Prior to this topic, I have posted several topics on this forum and was thrilled with Cyberchimps customer support, responses and help. However, that I am being upselled to a “higher” level of support is annoying, especially since I am not asking for something like a total SEO evaluation of my website, or a whole overhaul or something like that, which I would definitely pay extra for and plan on doing so once I get established. However, I paid for technical support so that I could get help for things like tweaking this theme by adding an extra widget area below my header menu, something that I would think would be minor for people who write and sell themes. This forum is full of topics with php code answers, so I am puzzled as to why mine is any different. I am making a blog and on my blog I plan on writing about my journey working with WP and finding a theme that works for me and I really wanted to sing the praises of this theme, but I can’t if I am left to muddle through this forum on my own and try to find some answers myself like I am using the free version. I see several customers got lucky on this topic and got php code in the responses, although not specifically my exact request. Maybe I can try to wing it with that info; I don’t know, if not I’ll be looking for a theme with more robust support because I need technical support included with my theme, that is why I paid for the pro version. Anyways, Christine, as for informing me about the current limitations regarding the scope of tech support offered to pro customers such as moi thank you very much for the update.

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    Thomas Oliver

    PHP customizations are a bit different than HTML/CSS customizations. There is so much that can go wrong and the only way to find the culprit is to actually work on the site directly and we just don’t currently offer those services. That’s why we placed warning messages at the top of some of those guides.

    We currently do not offer PHP/file-level customizations because it just basically beyond the scope and resources of these support forums. We are currently limited in the amount of time we can spend for support. If we spend hours helping one customer, that means that many other customers many not get help for days, weeks, or even months. That would not be fair to them. That is why we must put a limit on the support that we can provide. That’s how we can pass the savings on to everyone.

    Most WordPress developers charge $45/hr. So if you paid $40 for a theme, and we spent two hours trying to help you with PHP modifications, that means we would loose $50. It’s really simple math. No company could survive like that.

    If you know of another commercial theme company that offers better support with the similar prices, please provide links to their forums where we can view them without registering like we have done so here. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services.

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