Responsive Elementor widgets & Addons

Add more power to your Elementor Page Builder with most comprehensive elements and extensions, such as Testimonial Carousel, Pricing Table, Countdown, Portfolio widget, etc under the one hood.

*Elementor Addon plugin comes included with the Responsive Pro.

Elementor widget addon plugin

An Addon For Responsive Pro Users

Responsive Elementor Addons is built to enhance your page building experience with 20+ creative elements and extensions. Design beautiful websites with pre-made templates and sections which comes with Responsive Elementor Widget & Addons. You can use widgets like Slider, Testimonial, Audio Player, Form Styler, etc. We are adding more widgets…

Content Widgets


Showcase to your users, the amazing customer feedback you have got in a trendy modern carousel layout.


Display a selection of images, text with buttons using a well-designed slider with the Responsive Slider widget.


Create eye-catching buttons with lots of customization options. You can set button shape, style, color, and add an icon to your button.

Info Box

Show important information using the Responsive Info Box widget. You can add an icon, heading, descriptions, button, and more.

Image Gallery

Add a beautifully designed image gallery to showcase your portfolio, photos, and more with the Responsive Image Gallery widget.

Media Carousel

Present your images and videos beautifully in a carousel slideshow using the Responsive Media Carousel widget.

Google Maps

Show Google Maps with single and multiple locations with full control over map type, map skin, addresses, map controls, and more.

Content Switcher

Present two different content, saved section or page smartly with the Responsive Content Switcher widget.

Business Hour

Show your business hours with an elegantly designed Responsive Business Hour widget. Also, you get options to customize it.

Sticky Video

Add any videos and make them sticky on your website. This way you can convey your marketing messages in an efficient way.

Features List

Present your product's key features by adding custom icons or styles and influence your potential buyers to make a purchase.

Off Canvas

Display a beautiful sidebar menu and add different animations or styles using the Responsive Off Canvas widget.

Form Widgets

Mailchimp Styler

Display and customize your Mailchimp email subscription form on your site with the Mailchimp Styler widget.

WPForms Styler

Add WPForms and grow your email list with options to customize Submit button, Success or Error message, Form Fields, etc.

Gravity Forms Styler

Design your Gravity Form and personalize it easily with the Resposnive Gravity Form Styler widget.

Contact Form 7 Styler

Personalize your contact form easily with options like form layout, form container, and field with the Contact Form 7 Styler widget.

Search Form Styler

Design your Search form and customize it easily with the Responsive Search Form Styler widget.

Marketing Widgets

Pricing Table

Create interactive pricing tables to showcase your product catalog and prices with lots of customization options.

Price List

Design a beautiful and detailed pricing list of your products, services, and memberships with the Responsive Price List widget.


Create beautiful & customizable buttons and drive more user engagement through the Responsive Button widget.


Showcase to your users, the amazing customer reviews you have got in a trendy modern carousel layout.

Creativity Widgets


Display facts and figures attractively with animated counters and grab more attention with the Responsive Countdown widget.


Create interactive content that beautifully flips on hover. You can display contents on the front and back sides of a box.

Audio Player

Embed engaging features into your site and drive more engagement with the Responsive Audio Player widget.

Multi Buttons

Add attractive and attention-grabbing multiple CTA buttons and customize easily with the Elementor Multi Buttons widget.

Team Member

Showcase your team members with their relevant information like position, department, etc. with the Elementor Team Member widget.

Price Box

Create top-notch pricing box to showcase your product catalog and prices with lots of customization options.

Nav Menu

Add and customize your navigation menu without any coding knowledge with the Nav Menu widget.

Twitter Feeds

Display your Twitter posts elegantly using the Responsive Twitter Feeds widget without any coding knowledge.


Add a divider between your page sections to make them more distinguishable with the Responsive Divider widget.


Design creative event layouts to show a vertical memory lane from your contents using the Responsive Timeline widget.

WooCommerce Widgets


Showcase your WooCommerce products anywhere on your eCommerce website with the Responsive Product widget.

Menu Cart

Add a WooCommerce cart icon in your menu or anywhere on your eCommerce website with this widget.


Add navigation links to your eCommerce site and also improve the SEO of your site using the Responsive Breadcrumbs widget.

Custom Add To Cart

Add an Add To Cart button anywhere on your eCommerce site and customize it easily with this widget.

SEO Widgets


Answer your customers' frequently asked questions and also improve your search visibility with the Responsive FAQ widget.

Table Of Contents

Showcase your all blog posts supported headers in a table view and an organized way using the this widget.

Posts Widgets


Display your blog posts with a variety of amazing layouts and designs. Customize layout, meta data, add pagination, and more.


Display your blog posts, pages, products, and custom post types in an attractive, filterable grid with the Responsive Portfolio widget.

Modular Based & Lightweight

Responsive Elementor Widgets & Addons has been built the same way Elementor was built so it’s fully modular. Which means you can easily enable/disable specific elements or sections from Responsive Elementor Addon option panel to prevent overloading your website with Extra CSS or JS code to improve your website performance.

Launch Your Website In A Few Click

Designing a new WordPress website from scratch is a lot of work. That’s why the Responsive Pro comes with 40+ ready-to-use Elementor templates. All you have to do is: Import a demo, add content, and launch your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot use Responsive Elementor Widget & Addons without Elementor since it’s an addons plugin for Elementor.

Yes, it will work with any WordPress theme where Elementor works. We recommend you to use Responsive theme which works well with any plugin or addon.

Responsive Elementor Widget & Addons is light weight and you can also easily enable/disable specific elements or sections from Responsive Elementor Addon option panel to improve your website performance.

Want To Give It A Try? You'll Love It

Elementor Addon comes included with the Responsive Pro. Enhance your Elementor Page Builder- Build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required.