Effective Ways To Organize Your WordPress Tasks

Setting up a WordPress website and then making it a successful one isn’t a walk in the park. There are hundreds of things that you need to look after to make your project work like a well oiled machine.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you learn how to organize your WordPress tasks so that you can manage your website properly. The two most effective ways of organizing your WordPress tasks are:

  • Tracking Your Tasks
  • Automating Your Tasks

Tracking your tasks helps you identify the progress of various projects you are working on. It also helps you prioritise your WordPress related tasks so you can allocate resources like time, and money accordingly.

Since time is crucial when you are running a WordPress website, it is important that you invest it in something meaningful. Automating certain WordPress tasks helps you save a lot of time  so you can focus on getting higher ROIs.
How To Track WordPress Tasks
Although there are many 3rd party tools that can be used to track your tasks but it is always great to use tools that are more compatible with WordPress and have a familiar interface.

Here are the top plugins to help you track your WordPress tasks:

WP Project Manager


As the name suggests, WP Project Manager manages all your WordPress projects in a single dashboard. You wouldn’t need to open a seperate window or an application to manage WordPress tasks.

The plugin integrates with your WordPress admin panel and you can easily manage your projects, and create new ones, set titles and assign users who will be working on a particular project.

You can also use the Messaging feature to discuss projects with your team members. You can add attachments to your messages and comments as well.

Creating To-Do Lists, milestones, and managing your files is also easy using the WP Project Manager.

Project Panorama Lite


Project Panorama is a WordPress project management plugin that keeps your team and clients up to date with all the tasks you need to perform.

It helps you communicate your task progress with your team members and clients which significantly reduces useless emails addressing progress reports.

The plugin also indicates the time you have taken on each task so you know whether or not  you are behind or on schedule.

Project Panorama also comes with a bar illustration that explains your progress with detailed reports.It is also visible to your clients so they are not always knocking on your door asking for status.

Automating Your WordPress Tasks

There are various tasks you can automate to help save time:

  • Image Compressing
  • Updates
  • Posts Publishing
  • Backup
  • Social media publishing
  • Database optimization
  • Check broken link

Image Compression

Image compression is essential if you want to improve your WordPress website loading time. However, selecting one image at a time to compress takes up a lot of time. So why not automate the entire process?

WP Smush


WP Smush is one of the best WordPress image compression plugins that automatically compresses the images you are adding to a post or a page. When you add an image through the Add Media option, you will see Smush Stat which shows the variation of the image and to what extent it has been compressed.


The plugin also gives detailed stats about how many images have been compressed on your website.



Updating your WordPress is crucial to ensure maximum security and performance of your WordPress website. If you have been using WordPress for sometime, you would know that minor updates aren’t a problem, but major updates are rare.

This is also the case with theme and plugin updates. The major updates show up as notifications on your WordPress dashboard that require your attention and time.

Easy Updates Manager


Easy Updates Manager is a free WordPress plugin that takes the responsibility of managing WordPress updates. Other than the core WordPress updates, it handles the following updates as well:

  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Minor Releases
  • Development Updates
  • Translation Updates

Posts Publishing

If you are running a WordPress website, you must be publishing content weekly, if not daily. You can automate post publishing on WordPress by using the built-in WordPress feature of Post Scheduling. You can draft and create a post and schedule its publishing beforehand.

You can set the date and time of that particular post. You can also change the schedule according to your plan.


In the era of hackers and bots, it is always a good idea to constantly backup your WordPress website. Even if your website is never attacked, having a data backup will help you sleep well at night.

Managed hosting providers offer free backups of your website which is the safest form of backups. However, if your website is not hosted on managed servers, you would need backup plugins that will automatically create backups of your website.



The backup plugin saves your WordPress installation including the /wp-content/ and create backups on external backup services like Dropbox, S3 and FTP. The backups are created in such a way that they are easily accessible by the user.

Social Media Publishing

Being active on social media is crucial to making your website successful. In order to do that, you must share different posts from your website on your Facebook or Twitter pages to keep your followers engaged.

Social Media Auto Publish


Social Media Auto Publish automatically publishes your content from your website/blog to your social media profile. You can create messages for your posts and schedule them to be posted on your social media accounts.

Database Optimization

As your website grows, your database is likely to get cluttered with things that you don’t need. It is always good to clean your database in order to optimize your website performance.

WP Optimize


WP Optimize is a WordPress plugin that cleans your WordPress database automatically so that your website runs on an optimum level. It helps you create more space in your database by taking  out the trash. The plugin also creates reports on your database so you can decide which database needs cleaning.

Check Broken Link

Broken links gives out a bad impression to Google’s crawlers since they are links that no longer work or are incorrectly added. Checking your website for any broken links can take up a lot of time and it is certainly a task that you should automate.

Broken Link Checker

The plugin looks for broken links on your website and alerts you when they are found. You can edit those links directly from the plugin page without opening each article which takes more time.

Get Organized!

Organizing your WordPress tasks significantly increases your and your team’s productivity which is ultimately reflected in your project’s performance. I hope this article proves to be a helpful guide so you can organize your tasks effectively. If I have missed out on anything, let me know in the comments :)

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