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It’s confusing, really confusing actually, the first time you try to start your own website. It was for us too, as it is for anyone who says “I want to make my own website” But, not everyone is interested in becoming a web professional just to run a website.

So with our years of knowledge we can save you the time, money and energy that goes into trying to research all the many pieces needed to actually build a live website and make it up and running and just package that knowledge and service together for you, into a neat little box with a bow on top.

If you need help in building a website ie. hosting, a domain, installing WordPress and a theme, all of which are required to be installed, setup and optimized before you can ever get to actually blogging, selling goods, starting a service, a community or whatever it is your website will be and don’t have the time to learn to do all that, this package is right for you.

Here’s What You Get

  • Any Premium Responsive WordPress theme of your choice
  • Professional installation of WordPress and theme
  • Professional installation and optimization of 3 plugins of your choice
    (from listed plugin selection – optimization includes out-of-the-box settings only and no 3rd party optimization like CDN)
  • Custom color scheme and typography
    (up to 3 areas styled with the custom color of your choice and up to 3 custom fonts configured from a selection of over 600)
  • 1 year of Plus membership
    (a $108 value)
  • A post Easy Setup discussion with your CyberChimps services pro
    (for any questions you may have – like showing you how to publish content with your first page or blog post)


Get Your Website Ready, Gift-Wrapped, and Delivered

#1 Signup for the Easy Setup service ($249/one-time fee)

Signup Now

No refunds.

After successful purchase, you’ll receive a follow-up email with further instructions and the links for your next steps…

#2 Signup for hosting ($60-$100/year – link will be provided)

You will be referred to BlueHost, where you will register for your domain and hosting. Not only do we highly recommend BlueHost (as does, but is required for the Easy Setup service.

#3 Fill out questionnaire (link will be provided)

In this final step, you will be directed to a secure form for you to supply your BlueHost login, theme choice to be installed and other customization options.

Thank you. Can’t wait to see your living, breathing website!