How to Earn Money from Your Blog In 2020

How to Earn Money from Your Blog In 2020

Are you out to learn how to earn money from your blog in 2020? Just like in the past, blogging will still be one of the most profitable online occupations. As a blogger, you are no longer fully dependent on AdSense to make money.

In 2020, you have to refocus your blogging business and align it with the more profitable ways of making money. You may have to optimize your marketing strategies, change the overall design, and make a number of tweaks with the overall goal of earning money from your blog.

Here is how to earn money from your blog in 2020:

Direct Advertising

While AdSense remains the best way for bloggers to host advertisements on their blogs, it is limited in a number of ways. The amount you earn per click is so minimal to make sense. That’s where direct advertising comes in. you not only get access to well-paying advertisements, but you have a role to play in determining the price. Plugins such as WPAdCenter and AdClerks are what you need to get some direct ads.

Affiliate Advertisements

Compared to contextual ads, affiliate advertisements have the potential of earning you a lot of money from just a single click. Most bloggers are using affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs. You can earn a lot of money by trying out Amazon Affiliate Marketing, ShareASale, PartnerStack, ImpactRadius, Awin, or Commission Junction. For example, you could make ‘best days to trade forex‘ your affiliate link. There is a lot of money to be made from affiliate marketing if you put your mind to it.

Paid Reviews

If you are looking to boost your monthly income, you may as well try out paid reviews. A small review post will earn you as much as $10 upwards. That makes paid reviews a must for bloggers who intend to make lots of money from their blogs. You will find opportunities for paid reviews on Tomoson, Revcontent, Izea Pay per cost, and Famebit.

Running Campaigns for Brands

If your blog has an established audience, then you may want to earn money by running campaigns for brands. Your work will be to expose brands to the target audiences. You may employ strategies such as paid ads, webinars, brand collaboration, or videos. Don’t be left behind by the many blogs who are already running campaigns for brands. The reason for its popularity is because it has the promise of raking in a lot of money for bloggers.


Why use in-text advertising when you can replace it with Viglink? It is basically an ad network that helps you to monetize the outbound links in your blogs. It is different from pay-per-click, given its performance-based nature. It involves making money from the referral links placed in your web content. You do so without having to edit any of the links.

Referral Income

Check out the pay-per-referral programs that come with most of the advertisement programs. Once you get these referral programs, you can refer your visitors to them and make money in the process. With that, you will be able to considerably increase your monthly income. Only that you should avoid referring customers to programs that don’t work.

Create and Sell an eBook

Selling eBooks is a strategy that has been used widely by a number of the best internet marketers. If you are a blogger, you could pick the content on your blog and turn it into an eBook. Once you have a topic to write about, go ahead and compile an eBook and post it on Amazon or your blog. If you aren’t selling any other product, then eBooks is the way to go.


You may also offer services for sale depending on the field in which you excel. That could be SEO, logo creation, web design, content writing, and much more. Once you start offering services, you will start making considerably large amounts of money. If you are able to offer several services, do it one at a time. Otherwise, you may end up being overwhelmed and unable to meet the demands of your clients.

In the end, The monetization idea you choose to Earn Money from Your Blog is to implement for your blog will depend on the niche in which you operate. So be wise while making your choice.

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