Does This Font Make My Headline Look Fat? home pageThere are so many fonts available, with more being created every day. There are serif and san-serif and display and handwriting and monospace and dingbats and so many more. While an individual font may be just one you were looking for, chances are you’re going to need more than one.

Pairing fonts is an art form that takes a bit of knowledge and a good eye. Some fonts just look like they belong together, and there are specific reasons for that. But you’re not a typography expert, so how can you find fonts that work together?

Google, whose fonts are frequently used on websites (and support for them is included in several CyberChimps themes!), even offers some pairing suggestions from their font selection pages. But these examples are limited and can be hard to imagine what they will look like when used on a full-blown websites.

Samples of Google Font pairings

Google Fonts pairing

Enter goes at choosing fonts from a different direction. It takes examples from the web and identifies the fonts that are used in their design. So rather than search fonts in the artificial environment of the Google Fonts page (or most other font supplier pages), you can find a website who’s typography you like and discover their secret formula.

The website has screenshots of example sites with their font information displayed. It’s a great way to see fonts in action and what types of sites/designs they’ve been chosen for. You can filter the examples by font or by a hashtag such as #classic or #serif to focus your search. The examples are contributed by users and the fonts showcased come from a variety of sources – not all are from Google, and not all are free. Alternatively, they also have a recommendations page if you have one font chosen but are looking for more to go with it.

If you’d like to contribute examples yourself, there’s a Google Chrome extension that you can install. The extension will allow you to identify fonts on any webpage and if you’re really impressed you can follow the instructions to add it to the library of examples.

For people who need to see it for themselves or who need examples for inspiration, is a great resource to browse and discover new fonts and new pairings that come recommended by at least one other person. You can sign up for their newsletter and have inspiration delivered to directly to you too.

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