Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

Change is unpredictable, and the era is changing with every passing day. Although most of the people may not be able to realize them, the truth is, the world is undergoing a drastic change, which the millennials have labeled as “trends”. While some are just the alterations of the past years, there are some such things that have been innovated this year and are on their way to become trendsetters.

As 2018 advances, the digital marketing terrain that incorporates social media, SEO, content marketing, PPC, and much more is perceiving a stirring modification, which will be difficult for businesses to ignore any longer. Long gone is the time when you might have ignored visual research or artificial intelligence as stunts from latest sci-fi blockbuster movies.

In the current high-tech era, there are innumerable digital marketing and SEO strategies and trends that are developing. And, accept it or not, it is the time for businesses to adopt these trends if they are willing to turn their efforts into success. What matters the most today is to stay on the top and determine which trend is working the best for you. Since trends are emerging and evolving continuously, you shouldn’t expect what was working for you last year would work exactly the same this year as well.

So, here are top digital marketing trends that you would be no longer able to dismiss in the prevailing year and beyond.

The rise of mobile users

mobile users


Mobiles are, indeed, dominating the lives of the human race. However, for crazy reasons whatsoever, there are still countless such businesses that are not taking advantage of this aspect. No matter where you go, either sitting in a public area or standing in a huge queue, you will see people burying their faces into mobile devices, right?

Therefore, mobile is going to be the top priority not only for consumers but marketers as well. And, this trend is not going to fade away for years to come. If you are able to, very strategically, make use of mobile marketing to engage audience and customers, it wouldn’t be the decision worth regretting at all.

Right from making your website mobile friendly to sending text messages to your customers, there are several ways through which you can attract an audience and let them know about your brand as well as latest offers and deals that you are coming with.

Video on Demand

Currently, when talking about social media, you wouldn’t find anything as eye-catching as video content. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other platform, if you believe the sources, statistics for social video engagements are going higher and higher this year. And, hopefully, things will stay as they are in the upcoming years as well.

Today, billions of videos are being watched every day. Also, there is an extensive variety that can be seen in video content. From live streams to 360-degree, there are enough options in front of you that can attract your customers within minutes. Moreover, with videos becoming trending, marketers don’t even have to put in extra efforts while arranging video campaigns.

However, one thing that you must pay attention to is the mobile compatibility of your videos. A majority of users are consuming video content through their smartphones, therefore, you cannot afford to neglect this aspect.

Big Data

Big data


Moving forward, another trend that is most likely to rule 2018 is big data. It is going to help to renovate the entire process of business and customers interaction. Surely, the quantity of data accessible on the internet is overwhelming. And, if you can understand how to gather and investigate Big Data, you will be able to understand your leads and customers in a better way; hence, improving the marketing efforts.

With the help of Big Data technologies, it has become easy to procure an incredible amount of data from online purchases, social media, app downloads, and more. And, availing the advantage of such data, marketers now make well forecasts about customer behavior, allowing them to create even customized content.

Also, the technology of Big Data is going to help marketers target only such customers who are genuinely interested in their products and services; thus, lessening the amount of money spent on advertising.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most crucial trends that 2018 is experiencing is Artificial Intelligence. And, the upcoming years are only going to make it a better reality. Gone are the days when robots in movies or books used to be fascinating. Now is the time to experience them in reality. In the world of digital marketing, AI is going to be used to analyze search patterns and behavior of customers.

Not just that, but artificial intelligence is even going to be helpful in using blog posts and social media data. Such data will assist businesses to comprehend how customers are finding their products or services. By striking a conversation with users, AI is even going to make customer support experience easier on both the ends.

According to predictions, by 2020, more than half of the customer interactions will be handled by artificial intelligence, which is going to facilitate the work of humans. Businesses that are going to adapt AI in the upcoming years will surely save expenditure, speed up growth, and get a competitive edge.


Talking about technological trends, Chatbots are another addition to the list. Lately, chatbots have become the most admirable things and all for the good reason. Unless you have been living on some other planet, you would have come across its benefits. To put it simply, chatbots are like tools, placed on the other side of the computer, meant to reply to customer comments or queries.

These are highly used for customer service problems, engagements, closing deals, and general questions. If you have managed to set this chatbot precisely, your customers would not be able to tell whether they have been talking to a real person or a high-tech technological tool. It is that fascinating, isn’t it?

You can launch a chatbot on your Facebook page or on your website to engage with your visitors. Dig out something engaging to start a conversation with the prospect. And then, the best thing about these chatbots is that they bring 80% or higher rate of audience engagement.

Social Media Influencers

In the present era, social media influencers are well-established. And, their advantages cannot be neglected as well. That is the reason why there is an outrageous competition among marketers to work with the best of influencers in the market. The way out that marketers are finding is that they are building a long-term relationship with top influencers of the current generation.

However, such long-term relationships do not work off very well. Most of the time, a competitor gets in the way, of course with a better deal, and take away the influencer just in minutes. So, you should not bother finding an influencing partner for a long haul. Finding the one for right now would be sufficient enough.

Another advancement that the influencer marketing strategies are going to come across is the authenticity. It has become easier for consumers to find out which one is the forced and paid collaboration with the influencer. Therefore, they don’t take up much time to eliminate such brand from their list. That is the reason why brands are putting more efforts these days to build genuine relations with influencers.

Art of Story Telling on Social Media

Being a tech-savvy, you must have come across the story feature provided by almost every social media platform. Yes, that is the trend that seems to revolutionize the digital marketing niche in the upcoming years. The popularity of these stories is inevitable, and it will give marketers an upper hand in promoting their products and services.

The format of stories, founded by Snapchat, has become an essential element of the social media realm. Right from Facebook to Instagram, WhatsApp, every platform has its own way of allowing people to set up stories. In this race, even YouTube is not lagging behind. It has come up with its own pioneered format, known as Reels. Although offering different presentations and features, all of these platforms still have the similar concept.

The way of capturing best moments from the on-going activities has become very popular and accepted by the audience as well. So, marketers use this format to publicize their products & services, along with keeping customers updated about latest trends & offers. Anyhow, these stories will vanish after 24 hours, so you wouldn’t have to be worried about changing them continuously.

Voice Optimized Content

Voice searches already hold a significant amount of all searches. And, the entire concept is undeniably going to thrive and expand in the upcoming years. On the top of that, latest technology and voice devices are even making it easier for people to simply ask a question and get all the information in return.

Not just it will facilitate the entire process of gathering information, but it will even make machine interaction more conversational and natural. Being different from conventional search method, this voice optimized search is more likely to attract an audience.

Trends have always been coming and going. However, in the digital marketing niche, these trends are here to stay. And, for how long? That you would have to see. But, for now, go with the flow, adopt these trends, and make your business thrive like never before.

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