Digital Marketing: The Tools of The Trade

Digital Marketing: The Tools of The Trade

Digital Marketing is getting saturated by the day and the flow does not seem to be stopping. From small time businesses to full-scale conglomerates, all are going online and making sure that they are at the top. But as for any market rules, it doesn’t really matter how good it is what you’re selling.

It’s how you are selling it that matters the most. A great marketing pitch can turn the heads of potential investors and consumers. Such is the way of the digital market that we have today in the form of social media platforms and search engines. But let us be thorough about what it means to be in the digital market and exactly how it is that you survive and prosper in it.

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The Basics:

Getting to know the platforms that are available on the internet is the beginning step. Consider them as digital estate that can put up advertisements and become a hot spot for your consumers and clients to interact with you. Of course, you’re not all digital without a trace of physical presence.

But you can do everything online without having to do much in the physical location you’re working out of. Examples can be seen of online stores that are essentially a few people working in an office overlooking operations across seas and countries to satisfy customer needs. So, the importance of getting yourself online is undeniable and luckily, it doesn’t cost you to take yourself on the internet. You can make yourself a website, make yourself a company mail, a social page and you’re good to go.

The Targets:

What you are going to be targeting are social hubs where traffic from all around the world or specifically expect your target audience to be gathering or visiting. These can be various sites that you think that your target audience might be interested in or social pages and apps that are generating a lot of traffic. The key point is that you need to make yourself not only available but promoted over such platforms to have a decent following and reputation for your business.

These days, the target audience is not going to be compelled by a ground marketing campaign as much as a nice attractive and interactive ad run online. Gone are the days that you post in the newspaper and paste brochures and pamphlets on the streetlights and poles, waiting for potential customers to call all day.

Now, you can track everything that is going on with your campaign. From knowing the number of visits to your site and social profile, you can get yourself enough information about your competitors to know exactly what it is that is keeping you from going as high as the next guy.

Trades to Know of:

You can find yourself being overwhelmed by the state of the digital market these days. Not only do we have a dozen social media platforms with specific types of audiences interacting in massive numbers daily, we also have access to information that can help us find the consumers that we don’t even know exist.

If this is hard to understand, take an example. By using tools such as Google Trends and Google Ads, you can not only track the related information to your ads and how well they’re doing, you can also find out what it is that people are searching for today and where do they usually end up trying to find it. For smart people, that information can be enough to be able to get their clients to move in their direction.

But if you think you will need more, you can try Google Analytics. This tool lets you analyze the traffic you’re getting online and the performance of your social presence. You can track exactly how many visits you are getting from your ads on certain websites, how many people are reacting to your social media campaigns and how many are organic clients that are generating leads of their own.

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Your Site:

Make sure that you have a website that stands out. Think of it as a digital office. It needs to have everything that you think your clients will need to be able to interact freely with you regarding their needs. A good website design can involve having interactive and engaging content along with infographics and statistical analysis that help your viewers and clients understand how exactly you’re trying to do what you’re talking about.

The website needs to be designed optimized for a smartphone device because, in 2019, that’s the only version of a website that is going to have the value and traffic as more than 60% usage of the internet is through a smart device. You can expect other sites to come up as bogus and ranked lower than most sites solely because they couldn’t manage to stay on top of the changing trends of the market.

Not having the catchy design theme, having problems on some of the web pages, having slow loading speed and data access on the site are some of the problems that you don’t want on your online site. Of course, the most important one being the security that you need to provide on your site.

Your Online Profile:

To be socially active in the world, you need to be on the top social sites in the world. That can be Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. You can find yourself being able to make a free account whenever you want, but if you wish to have a business page, you should select an option that helps you be an online business that can promote itself.

Of course, there is going to be a lot of competition online as well but you can be sure that you will get your turn to pitch to your audience. Social media profiles go a long way in attracting and engaging a large number of clients. In fact, many huge businesses started generating their first leads through social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms allow users to be able to advertise and boost their profile’s performance on them to be able to seem bigger and more prominent to be noticed.

Use social media management tools to help you develop, execute, and monitor a social campaign strategy.

SEO and SMM Tools:

Google alone offers tons of certifications, tools, and resources to be aware of the digital marketing scope. Google Trends, Analytics, Ads are some of the platforms that are providing insights and performance analysis and tips to further improve digital marketing endeavors.



If you are trying to manage multiple pages and identities across platforms, you need an advanced tool like Hootsuite. With its inception in 2008, the tool was aimed to be a helping software that can provide access to sending and receiving emails and notifications along with messages across several social media platforms.

Not only this, Hootsuite is one such SMM tool that offers the ability to be able to post on any social media platform on any specified time just by scheduling the post from the tool. This allows a great number of objectives to be achieved if the campaign requires such demands to be met.


Basically, a great tool to manage your twitter feed of multiple accounts, TweetDeck is a great companion to have on your side. You can not only view and specify the feed you want to view, categorizing and filtering the content you will be seeing on your feeds, but also be able to schedule posts and tweets whenever you want.



Buffer is your very own social media hub. If you think you need a very powerful tool capable of handling a large number of accounts on almost every social site, you need Buffer. Giving you a smart interface that allows you to not just oversee all your social accounts but post, schedule a post and even comment and share posts across all networks using a single application window.

Starting from their free deal that offers to serve you by managing 3 accounts, you can experience the software and get up to 150 accounts if you think you need more of the action. Just log on to their site and buy their premium subscription. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can get it all done by Buffer.

Facebook Power Editor:

For those of you who wish to optimize their advertising experience on Facebook, you should consider Facebook Power Editor. This tool allows you to run more than a single ad campaign at a time and offers extensive control and managing tools that help you better understand the type of campaign you should run. It also allows you to create your own audience to target for a specific ad campaign.

Conclusion on Digital Marketing:

Whether your business is about iPhone tracking services or an online store, you need to have an online presence and make sure that your ranking is reaching the top. There are ways to rank up to the top. But ultimately, it’s your strategy that counts.

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