CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes Has Been Acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions

CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes Has Been Acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions

CyberChimps logoSan Francisco, California -May 5, 2015- CyberChimps Inc. today announced it has agreed to be acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. As part of the acquisition, all intellectual property of CyberChimps including all WordPress themes, plugins, and services will join Hummingbird Web Solutions. Effective immediately, Founder and CEO of CyberChimps Inc., Trent Lapinski, will be stepping down as CEO, and will be succeeded by Hummingbird Web Solutions CEO Karthik Magapu. Hummingbird Web Solutions has acquired CyberChimps for an undisclosed sum.

“We are very excited to provide CyberChimps with the team and resources necessary to take us to the next level,” said Karthik Magapu, Hummingbird Web Solutions’ CEO. “Under Trent Lapinski’s leadership CyberChimps made responsive mobile web development a reality in the WordPress community, and I am humbled to carry his vision forward.”

“CyberChimps has been my life for the past 5 years. We created a company and products bigger than we ever could have imagined, and I am thrilled to have found a new owner and CEO that shares the philosophies I founded this company on to carry us forward into the future,” said Trent Lapinski. “When Google began punishing non-mobile websites from search results, I realized we succeeded at our mission of making the web mobile friendly.”

Trent Lapinski is a San Francisco based entrepreneur and product development expert who has been on the forefront of innovation in the WordPress industry. Under his tenure, CyberChimps was responsible for well over 4.9 million downloads worth of responsive WordPress themes, helping millions of people launch tens of millions of mobile-friendly websites globally. He bootstrapped CyberChimps to over a million dollars in revenue without investors or advisors. Trent can be found at,, and on Twitter @trentlapinski.

CyberChimps Inc., founded in 2011, is an open source web development company and ecommerce website in San Francisco, CA that pioneered the responsive web design and development movement through innovative WordPress products and services, such as ‘Responsive’, ‘iFeature’, and ‘CyberChimps Plus’. CyberChimps can be found at

Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, founded in 2011, is an open source product development and ecommerce company based out of Pune, India. They are a private investment group and operate several major Internet properties. Hummingbird Web Solutions can be found at

“I look forward to new challenges and opportunities which is why I am starting MysticLabs, a product development incubator and consulting company aimed at helping other startups build better products,” said Trent Lapinski. “After successfully starting, running, and selling my own business I’ve learned a lot, and am excited to help others change the world.”

MysticLabs, founded in 2015, is a product development consulting agency and startup incubator based out of San Francisco, CA.

Trent Lapinski – Founder and former CEO of CyberChimps Inc.
trent at

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  1. Another US company gets sold overseas…. one of the good things about CyberChimps was that when you needed support, you got a native English speaking person. Kiss that goodbye…

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