Supercharge your Responsive II theme with CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin

Using the free Responsive II theme by CyberChimps to power your WordPress site?
Want to add more customization options to mold the theme as per your desire?
Look no further, today we bring you a detailed review of the CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin which is an add-on for the free Responsive II theme ( codenamed – Responsive Mobile).

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin – Add-on for CyberChimps Responsive II theme.

Power up your theme options with loads of premium features for customizing your theme & take your WordPress site visually to a whole new level.

Check out these features of CyberChimps’ Pro Features Plugin –

Customize Colors

Customize the colors of your site. Change the Skin of your theme (10 colors to choose from). Choose to add custom colors for Text, H Tags, Links & On Hover.

Change Fonts Using Google Fonts

Use Google fonts to add a new dimension to the visual appeal of your WordPress site. Choose to apply Google fonts for Body, Header & Menus.

Change The Page Width

Customize the page width of your site right from the theme options by entering the width in pixels.

Add A Favicon

Choose to add a custom favicon for your WordPress site so your users can quickly identify you online.

Control The Meta Data Displayed On Blog Posts (Author, Date, Etc.)

Choose which meta data is displayed on your site for blog posts. CyberChimps Pro Feature Plugin allows to show / hide – Blog Title, Blog Title Text, Blog Post Excerpt, Post Author, Date of Post Published, Post Category, Number of Comments & Post Tags.

Includes Support For Apple Touch

Add Custom Apple Touch Icon for your WordPress site by entering a custom URL for the icon.

Includes Support For Enabling / Disabling Featured Images

Choose to show / hide featured images for your WordPress posts by enabling / disabling them in the theme options.

Include Post Format Icons

Want to display WordPress post format icons on your blog posts? Enable them in theme options or disable them anytime you want.

Add A Custom 404.php Page

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin enables you to add a custom 404.php page for handing the ugly HTTP 404 Not Found Error.

Make Videos Responsive

Do you proudly showcase videos on your blog? But if a user is accessing your site on a handheld device then what happens? Your videos need to responsive as well in this tech savvy world. Make your videos responsive by enabling Responsive Videos in your theme options.

Include A Gallery Lightbox

Enable Gallery Lightbox to display your images within a neat lightbbox.

Control The Footer Text (Copyright & Powered By)

Add custom copyright & powered by text to display your site’s information in the footer area of your site.

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin Settings & Interface

Upon activating the plugin you’ll see various options added into your Theme Options section for Responsive II ( codenamed – Responsive Mobile).

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin - Theme Options

Using CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options. All the theme options are pretty easy to change & grasp. You can customize your theme as per your choice with the new features that are added after activating CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin. Most options are as easy as enabling / disabling or specifying custom URLs. Remember to click the Save Options button to save the changes you made to the theme to apply them.

Remember : CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin is an add-on for CyberChimps Responsive II theme. Your WordPress site needs to have the Responsive II theme activated to use the Pro Features Plugin.

The Cost of CyberChimps Pro Features plugin

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin is priced at $67 but you can get your hands on it today for as low as $27 i.e. 70% off!!!. If you signup for the CyberChimps Club Annual Plan you can get the plugin along with complete access to all the CyberChimps WordPress Themes (48) and Plugins (6). Some perks of joining the club include – Exclusive Bonus Resources like icons, e-books etc., Special Access to Blogging tips from industry experts right in your WP Dashboard, New Monthly Releases of themes (for active members), High Priority Support & Special Lock-in Price at $47 only

Final Thoughts

CyberChimps Pro Features Plugin adds superpowers to your CyberChimps Responsive II theme and takes customization to a whole new level for your WordPress powered site.

Get it at a discounted price today before the offer runs out!!!

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