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CyberChimps themes are awesome for so many reasons. They’re affordable (even free!), responsive, build to standards, and follow current best-practices for WordPress themes. However, whether you’re just setting up your first blog or are a seasoned developer, sometimes you need just a little extra help, or sometimes even more than a little.

If you’re looking for some expert assistance with your CyberChimps’ theme – whether it’s a free theme, a Pro theme, or our Pro plugins; whether you got them here at or at or even Go Daddy – you can enroll in our Plus membership and get VIP help.

What Do You Get With a Plus Membership?

You get private, confidential email support, use of all support forums with the Pro forums being AD FREE, and a badge that identifies you as a Plus member for extra white glove treatment. Oh, did we mention 50% off all current and future themes as long as your membership is active? Including already discounted items?

So what does this level of service cost? $69 per month? No. $49 per month? No. CyberChimps’ Plus membership is only $9 per month. There’s no contracts, no hidden fees, cancel at any time.

If you’ve recently purchased a CyberChimps product (theme or plugin) you’re eligible for a free 30-day trial. Just sign up now to get started!

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  • Tony /February 20, 2015 at 1:40 am

    Hi, I am struggling to find the contact page again for Plus membership. It’s not under help which would be the logical place.

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