CyberChimps Inc Acquires ThemeID and The ‘Responsive’ WordPress Theme As It Celebrates 500,000 Downloads


SAN FRANCISCO-February 26, 2013- CyberChimps Inc today reached an agreement with ThemeID, to acquire, and their WordPress Theme named ‘Responsive’ which today received over 500,000 downloads on

 “When I first created ‘Responsive’ I never imagined it would receive half a million downloads in just under a year,” said Emil Uzelac, founder of ThemeID. “It has been an amazing experience, but it has grown so quickly that it has become difficult to maintain alone. I wanted to make sure that ‘Responsive’ and its users continue to be supported, I am very excited to see what the team at CyberChimps will be able to do with what I’ve created.”

Responsive will continue to be available for free on, and CyberChimps will simply be taking over development, as well as customer support.

“At CyberChimps we pride ourselves on building open source responsive WordPress themes that just work,” said Trent Lapinski, CEO of CyberChimps Inc. “ThemeID’s theme elegantly named ‘Responsive’ fits perfectly into our philosophy of what a responsive WordPress theme should be, and we are excited to welcome ‘Responsive’ and ThemeID into the CyberChimps family.”

As a special welcome to the CyberChimps family, we are offering a $5 off coupon code for any of CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes, simply enter coupon code: themeid5 upon check out in the CyberChimps Store (offer is good through the end of April, 2013).

We will be transitioning ThemeID over to CyberChimps so please bear with us as we move servers over the next few days.

Benefits of the deal

  • CyberChimps will continue innovating and developing the Responsive on
  • Responsive will remain free and open source (released under the GPL).
  • Responsive is now available on Github (
  • Responsive 1.9 ( is actively being developed (, and will be released soon.
  • CyberChimps will be developing and releasing a Pro version of ‘Responsive’ in March to paying customers powered by Twitter Bootstrap and CyberChimps’ responsive theme options panel.
  • We will be moving support over to CyberChimps Support Forums, and bringing on ThemeID staff to help assist in the transition.
  • Pre-existing ThemeID members will continue to get access to support for free.

About CyberChimps

CyberChimps Inc is a WordPress Theme Shop that develops responsive touch friendly drag and drop WordPress themes you can trust, and is based out of San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2010 by Trent Lapinski, and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing WordPress Theme developers on the Internet.

For news and updates please follow CyberChimps on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook.

About ThemeID

ThemeID was founded by Emil Uzelac, and has been dedicated to servicing the WordPress community and creating powerful yet easy to use WordPress themes since 2010.

About the Author

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  • Samedi Amba says:

    News indeed. I have the free version of Responsive. What then happens to upgrades when Responsive goes pro? What will be the difference between the free version and the paid one? Please clarify

    • We are still working out the differences and developing the Pro version. It will be its own unique theme with more advanced features then the free version, but still support what the free version includes.

      • Manish says:

        I am currently with Responsive free, but very much interested to upgrade to Pro. Can you let me know the feature list & when the release is due?

  • Samedi Amba says:

    What will be the difference between the free and premium versions of Responsive?

  • Sarah says:

    This is big news, and many congrats to Emil for his amazing theme and fantastic support. I am a little nervous about what this will mean for our site. My favorite part of the Responsive theme is its online forum … you say that existing ThemeID members will continue to get access to support for free. How do I access this support and how can you tell that I was an existing ThemeID member? Thank you.

  • Responsive is free, and will always remain free.

  • Alex Lee says:

    Congrats! I know Responsive is a good theme, and hope you guys design more different cool themes. And then I would like to ask: 1. will offer a club membership license so that the registered users can access to all your themes for a certain period or even lifetime (like theme-Jxxkxx)? 2. I am Chinese, and is any of your existing themes translation ready, so that I can localize your themes for my clients? Thank you!

  • Marcelo Luiz says:

    I’m glad Emil Uzelac, and has been dedicated to serving the community WordPress, receive good money for if great job in this business. It is a pity that when our site based on responsive is almost ready, we have to look for another Theme. Clearly it will be converted to Free Responsive theme of limited quality to serve advertising to a Pro Theme Pro with support and resources. Good Look!

  • Thomas says:

    Will Responsive still be free of cyberchimps stuffs? I mean, I’ve been testing other Cyberchimps free themes, and they have these “pay to unlock” options; What I like in Responsive is that it’s free of this.

  • ggarmento says:

    Very complete theme! I am still learning new css coding techniques; “example” is the best teacher. The only source of confusion for me now are the two support forums and the Theme Details reporting the Current Version: 1.8.7… WordPress says the current update is 1.9.3. The update changelog link seems to go to the old forum and then direct the user back here. Perhaps it is time to change the SUPPORT link to one forum and keep that forum up to date.

  • AnyoOldName says:

    @Android Apps Development

    Congratulations on getting your spam to the top of the comments! Looks like CyberChimps are asleep at the wheel!

  • Good theme. but the forums here are not as good as themeid´s was. I guess it´s a way to
    tell us beginnners to look somewhere else.

    anyways, grats Emil, and thanks for the help.

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