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Image editing options in WordPress native interface are pretty much non-existent – basic resizing and alignment tools offer only so much flexibility and no design freedom. You have to pre-design your images and import them to the platform. This is where Crello comes in – the plugin allows for image design and editing through a single button on your WordPress toolbar.


What is Create in Crello?

The plugin is an extension of the image editing and graphic design platform – the service offers a wide variety of templates in various color schemes, styles and topics. Create in Crello plugin brings all of that functionality to your WordPress posts allowing you to edit images without leaving your website.


In the plugin, you can create blog illustrations, social media graphics, ads, header and cover images, and more.

Create in Crello highlights

Utilize a variety of formats

formatsTo choose and set your format, click Plugin button in your WordPress dashboard, select Crello tab and go to Settings. There you can choose your preferred image format for designing within the Create in Crello plugin. Make sure you do this before opening the page editor since the size and format selection is only available in the plugin settings.


Set custom image size to fit your page or use standard sizes for a leader board, wide skyscraper, blog title, blog image, blog graphic, as well as popular social media: facebook post, twitter post, instagram post, tumblr graphic, pinterest graphic, facebook cover, twitter header, facebook event cover, email header, youtube channel art, tumblr banner, youtube thumbnails, etc. You can design a poster, flyer, A4, gift certificate, postcard, business card directly in the plugin.

How to use templates

Templates in Crello are grouped by format types (a variety of sizes for various social media and blog illustrations, business cards, flyers and more), as well as by the category. The list of categories includes themed image illustrations for beauty and fashion, technology, education, travel, vacations and holidays, nature, social and more. Here’s a look at what the category menu looks like.


You can either select the Crello templates by category, browse randomly or use keywords for search. The search bar is located in the top left menu tab and allows for focused searches among five groups of items: designs, photos, patterns, icons, and illustrations. To switch between groups, use the respective drop down menu to the right of the search bar.


Customize your images

Add frills to your design with free frames, borders, and lines. These objects are available under Objects tab of the plugin. Adjust size, color and angle of the frame for a more unique look.


Use a collection of simpler Shapes and Lines for free and pay $0.99 if you want to use any of the more complicated design elements. Should you choose to pay for a particularly appealing element, the purchase remains permanent allowing you to reuse bought items in all your future designs. If you are looking to make your online presence more unified or are maintaining a specific theme, buying a few elements to use regularly can help that dollar go a long way.

One of the more interesting Crello features is Frames – a collection of blank beautiful shapes to drag and drop your image (or one from the Crello free gallery) in for quite a stunning design effect.


Use free photos and stickers

Crello offers its users an extensive collection of free photos to use in the designs. To find free photos go to Photos tab within the plugin and switch from Gallery to Free Photos view. You can also upload your own images or purchase stock photos from the gallery for $0.99 apiece.


To add stickers to your design, go to Objects tab, select Illustrations. From there go to the Stickers menu and browse sticker sets to find your preferred style. Click to view more images in the selected style.


A vast collection of stickers featuring text is available in the Texts tab. While the texts within the stickers aren’t customizable, you can find a lot of eye-catching, instantly usable images to announce a sale, add a “100% natural” badge or call your customers to Order now!



For visual learners, Create in Crello offers a built-in How-to Guide that includes a set of short YouTube tutorials to help you figure out the editor as effortlessly as possible.



The plugin is free to install and use. It comes with 12,000+ customizable templates, free fonts, a variety of photos, stickers, as well as illustration and design elements. Additional gallery photos, badges, stickers, and shapes come at $0.99 each and can be used an unlimited amount of times after the purchase.

If you use a paid element in your design, you are prompted to purchase when you press the Publish button. You will be shown each individual paid element you’ve used in your design, your purchase total and fields for your payment information. If you want to reduce your total, you can go back to the design and remove any of the used elements you do not wish to pay for.


Create in Crello plugin at a glance

  • Free graphics editor integrated with your WordPress site
  • 33 graphics formats for social media, blogs, headers, and ads
  • 12,000+ templates created by design professionals
  • Library of thousands of high-resolution photographs, illustrations, icons, frames, and stickers
  • 240 fonts
  • Option to upload and use your own images and fonts
  • Custom format sizes
  • Photo effects and filters
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage for projects and uploaded files
  • Free and premium design elements

Final thoughts

Create in Crello plugin will be a useful tool for visual bloggers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to make their website or blog look professional without inflating their expense budget.

Designing your graphics directly in WordPress allows you to edit designs and instantly embed them without leaving the page – making it that much easier to ensure your illustrations fit the rest of your content seamlessly.

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Mary Ivanova is a writer with degrees in psychology and political science. She writes copy for Crello.

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