Codester Review: All-in-One Marketplace for PHP Scripts, Plugins, Themes & Graphics

Codester Review: All-in-One Marketplace for PHP Scripts, Plugins, Themes & Graphics

Being head-over-heels in coding and developing surely provides several advantages. However, one thing that can instantly put you off is the need to sit for prolonged hours so as to code and develop scripts, right? But, what if you got to know you could get ready-made PHP scripts along with others?

Well, the internet has made everything effortlessly accessible. Today, platforms like Codester can help you get your hands over several beneficial elements. In this article, we will review and find out more about Codester.

Why Should You Use Pre-Made PHP Scripts?

Although these pre-made scripts are becoming the talk of the town, however, developers are still in doubt when it comes to using them. Putting an end to all of these uncertainties, here are a few reasons that should be enough to allow you to use these scripts with ease.

  • Lesser Budget for Developing an App:

Undoubtedly, developing an application isn’t going to be an inexpensive affair. And, if you’re doing so from scratch, it might cost you even more than your budget.

But, in a world where there are already 5 billion mobile users, you cannot let go of the opportunity to serve them through their phones, right? Thus, if you don’t want to spend much but still want to create an adequate app, pre-made scripts can be useful.

You can effortlessly navigate through the available options. And then, purchase the one that’d suit your requirements at a lesser price.

  • Launching an App or Website Quickly:

Whether you’ve hired a professional developer or are completing the coding on your own, it sure does take a lot of time to build an app or a website. Not just the concentration is on the quality of coding, but several other factors that provide a premium feel to your platform.

So, if you aren’t ready to invest a lot of time in coding, choosing scripts that would come already made would be a good choice, right?

Reasons to Purchase Premium PHP Scripts:

Of course, there are twisted and alternative ways that you can use to get free scripts. However, that’s not always the method to get the most out of your decision. Having said that, here are a few benefits that you can gain by spending a certain amount of money on premium scripts.

  • Adequate and Prompt Support:

Premium scripts available on the internet are coded by trained and skilful developers. Therefore, in case you come across any problem or bug, you can always rely upon them for quick and correct support.

While there are some developers who provide complete support till a certain period of time, there are some such as well who extend it for the lifetime. In either of the cases, you can ensure suitable help without a glitch.

  • Well-Coded & Documented PHP Scripts:

Keeping in mind that these scripts are coming from reliable sources, you can always rest assured the quality. These developers use the latest technology and evolvements to code their scripts.

Owing to this, you can find almost every other advanced feature in pre-made scripts that you otherwise would have wanted in your app or website.

  • Product Updates:

Along with everything else, developers also promise frequent and periodic updates to all of their products. So, if there’s an update in the design or coding trends, you can ensure not being left behind.

Moreover, most of the times, these updates can be taken without spending any extra penny.

Introducing Codester:

It’s an online marketplace that enables buyers to have access to readymade open source software solutions, designed for different niches and platforms.

With an intention to cater to developers, web designers, and webmasters, this platform comprises codes and scripts, app templates, graphics, plugins, and themes. As a customer, you’ll have several options, in terms of scripts, to choose from for your projects.

Not only for buyers, but Codester is also a platform that’s open to software and web developers across the globe when it comes to selling their scripts and other elements.

Why Should You Buy from Codester?

Even if you’re a newbie on this platform, you won’t find any hassles while setting up the account, which is completely free. Once done, you can explore this platform like never before.

  • More Than 700 Scripts:

This marketplace has an extensive collection of scripts, developed in different languages. So, whether you want something in JavaScript, PHP, Python, or CSS, you can surely find the right choice here.

  • Several Themes & Plugins:

Apart from scripts, Codester also showcases a reasonable collection of themes and plugins. These extensions are meant to be used for different frameworks. The list includes Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, XCart, and more.

You can find two different types of licenses for these products – extended and regular license. An extended license lets you use the products for unlimited sites and projects. And, it also allows you to redistribute the source file for other projects. On the other hand, a regular license doesn’t allow any such thing. You don’t get the right to resell any product, and you can use one thing for a single project.

  • Range of Graphics:

Moving forward, Codester also features a variety of graphics that include Icons, fonts, game assets, logos, and product mockups. Thus, for a designer, this platform has almost everything.

  • Weekly Free Files:

To add more to its advantages, Codester also offers free weekly files. These files keep shuffling and can include Icons, Business Cards Designs, Logos, Letters, and more.

Selling on Codester:

Coming to sellers, Codester has a fair share of benefits for this community as well. If you have anything in your basket, be it PHP scripts, plugins, themes, or graphics, you can list it out on this platform. The process of registration is simple as well and can be done in a few steps:

  • Sign up and create the account
  • Upload the item
  • It will get reviewed by the team of Codester
  • Once approved, it’ll display on the website

Without any restrictions, Codester offers 70% of commission on every sale that happens. You can get your amount either through PayPal or wire transfer once every month.

Become an Affiliate with Codester:

If you wish to cater Codester through affiliate marketing, the platform has everything set for that as well. Upon every purchase that happens from your end, you can earn 10%. There are different ways to refer to, such as:

  • Affiliate Links:

You can refer people through a specific affiliate link. Codester tracks that link for 90 days. And, for all the purchases that take place within this period, you get paid.

  • Sharing on Social Media:

On Codester, every product page has a share button. You’d have to log into your account and then just share the product on your social media. For every sale made through this method, you can get paid.

  • Ready to Use Banners & Logos:

If you wish to promote Codester on your website, you can download their pre-made banner and display it on the site. Likewise, you can also download their .zip file with different logos and can integrate them into your posts.


There’s a lot that you’ll like about this platform. They have competitive prices and also provide excellent support to buyers. Also, for sellers, the commission rate is higher.

Currently, Codester is growing, and hopefully, it’ll feature more of the fantastic code snippets, PHP scripts, extensions soon.

What are your thoughts on this platform? Do let us know below!

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