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CityHour_CoverAt WordCamp Minneapolis this weekend, there was a great quote from Heather Acton regarding business partnerships: “You need to business-date before you business-marry.” It seems the parallels between business relationships and dating don’t end there. A new app called CityHour is essentially serving as the speed dating service for businesses.

CityHour bills itself as “LinkedIn on steroids” as it seeks to connect business people with other business people with similar interests or needs. For those who travel frequently or have challenging schedules, CityHour is especially helpful to make it possible to network with people based on industry, goals, location, or availability – even on short notice. You can make arrangements in advance if you know you will have a window of time available, or you can turn an unexpectedly free couple of hours into a networking opportunity.

As a smartphone app, CityHour can connect with your LinkedIn account and also access your phone’s calendar and contacts to find possible connections and availability. There’s even an in-app messaging system for communicating details and last-minute updates. It’s available for the iOS and Android platforms, both of which are free.

So why would you want to use CityHour? Well, opportunities and success are often as much about who you know as what you know. Expanding your network has value in and of itself. But if you are struggling with a business issue, for example financing, CityHour can help find someone else interested in that topic. Perhaps they’re an expert at it or perhaps they too are struggling with it, but either way having a conversation with someone dealing with the same issue can be invaluable. Like all good services, you’ll find your own reasons and ways to use it.

They have a one-minute video that demonstrates its uses and features.

CityHour from TrueBear on Vimeo. Meet real people. Make business happen.

Whether you’re just starting in business, a full-time freelancer, or part of a startup, a growing company, or a large corporation, the connections with people are always a good investment. CityHour can help you find people who may be just the thing to help you get your business to the next level.

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