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WordPress vs Squarespace: Which One Should You Choose in 2019?

WordPress vs Squarespace

Undeniably, it’s the website’s quality that can either make or create a brand’s online presence. A decade ago, people were fixated on hiring the best website developers to make their portal look attractive and professional. However, today, with the advent

ScrapeBox Review: White Hat SEO Tool For Link Building & Keyword Research

SEO Tool For Link Building

Abbreviated as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of acquiring organic traffic to a website by ranking it higher on search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. There are surely innumerable tricks and techniques that contribute to

CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes Has Been Acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions

San Francisco, California -May 5, 2015- CyberChimps Inc. today announced it has agreed to be acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. As part of the acquisition, all intellectual property of CyberChimps including all WordPress themes, plugins, and services will

WordPress Is Still Growing

Graph comparing CMS market shares

The WordPress community likes to boast about how WordPress powers 23% of the web. That’s an impressive number! Millions and millions of people and their businesses depend on WordPress every day. But WordPress isn’t the only content management system (CMS)

More (Way More) Than Just Another Editorial Calendar: CoSchedule

If you have a website, or if you are looking to get a website, you’ve likely heard how important blogging is for bringing traffic to your site and for search engine rankings. Not only are you supposed to blog regularly,

CityHour – “Speed Dating” for Business

At WordCamp Minneapolis this weekend, there was a great quote from Heather Acton regarding business partnerships: “You need to business-date before you business-marry.” It seems the parallels between business relationships and dating don’t end there. A new app called CityHour

Tuts+ WordPress Developer Launchpad

Many people come to WordPress knowing little or nothing about building websites. Other’s come with a technical background, but with no knowledge of the specifics of WordPress. Either path can bring you to a place where you are looking to

Cheerify All the Things!

Before the holiday season passes, don’t miss your chance to make things cheery and bright. A fun little distraction called Cheerify can turn any website into a winter wonderland. Your screen will light up with sights and sounds of the