How to Brainstorm Topic Ideas for Your Blog

You probably experienced periods of time early in your blogging career where your brain was overflowing with great topic ideas and you couldn’t jot them down fast enough. But then comes the dreaded writer’s block. You can’t find any inspiration for the life of you. We’ve all been there. It can be so difficult to come up with new ideas for blog posts that your readers will love.

But there are some tactics that can help you brainstorm a ton of topic ideas for your blog that will set you up with posts for months in advance.

Don’t spend hours racking your brain trying to come up with ideas, here’s how to brainstorm topic ideas for your blog.

1.Revisit Old Content

One of the easiest ways to come up with fresh content is to take a look back at your old content. Go through some of your most popular posts and find ways you can expand upon those topics in a new blog post or go into more detail in a new post about one aspect of the old one.

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And everyone has a preferred method to consumer content; instead of reading a post some people would rather watch a video. You can repurpose your old content into videos to reach a whole new audience who might have passed on your content before. You can easily transform a blog post into a video using a tool like Lumen5.

2. Write Down Your Ideas

Write down any ideas you might have in a notebook, they might not be full blog topic ideas yet but if you write them down they could develop into something bigger in the future. Seeing your ideas visually on a page can really spark your creativity.

If you want a more streamlined way to write down blog post ideas you can use a brainstorming spreadsheet like the one that Hubspot offers.

3. Try Google’s Suggestions

When you start typing a query into Google it gives related phrase suggestions, you can use these suggestions to come up with new topic ideas.

Type in a phrase related to your blog niche and see what comes up and what ideas you can use for some new content.


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These phrase suggestions are also a good way to brainstorm because they’re based on what users are already searching for on the web. So if you can use some of those suggestions you’re bound to get some traffic to your blog.

4. Do Keyword Research

You should already be doing keyword research for your blog posts but instead of waiting until you have an idea for a post and looking for matching high volume and low competition keywords, you can do keyword research to help you come up with awesome new blog post ideas.


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You can use a keyword planner tool like Ubersuggest to discover new keywords you’ve never thought of before.

5. Read More Content

Read, read, read and get inspired by the content of others. Of course, never steal another’s work but reading popular articles from other bloggers and websites can really get those creative juices flowing.

You can use a news aggregate site like Feedly to get all sorts of content in one place where you can easily organize it and save important articles for later.


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You never know what will inspire an idea so read all types of articles not just ones that are related to your niche.

6. Use a Topic Generator

If you’re really stumped you can try an blog topic generator. Both Hubspot and Portent offer free blog idea generators that are fun and easy to use.

Just type in words related to your blog niche and the generator will give you a list of ideas. It’s worth a shot and you might be surprised with what they come up with.

7. Ask Your Readers

What better way to get topic ideas that your readers will love than to just ask your readers what they want to see. You can ask your followers what they’d like to see from you on a social media post or run a poll.


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Your readers probably already have a ton of questions that they want answered so provide them with new blog posts that will solve their issues. Also don’t forget to pay attention to the comments and questions on your old posts to find out what your readers are looking for.

Wrapping Up

Now it’s time to start brainstorming some topic ideas for your blog. With these tips you should be able to come up with a ton of new ideas that your subscribers will enjoy. So good luck and happy brainstorming.

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Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of WPBeginner, OptinMonster, WPForms, and other online businesses.

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