WP AdCenter Review – An Easy WordPress Ads Plugin

WP AdCenter Review – An Easy WordPress Ads Plugin

There’s no doubt about it: An easy WordPress Ads Management plugin is a must for bloggers and Affiliate marketers.

If you have been dreaming about how to display simple image banners on your website and all plugins you have tried had some issues or complicated / ugly interfaces, look no further – WP AdCenter is your dream come true.

The plugin is easy to use and set up. The free ad manager version comes with a great amount of features and for smaller sites that’s more than enough.

Displaying and managing ads on your WordPress site can be very difficult because you need to:

  • Track the performance of the ads and replace the existing ads with the new ones if needed.
  • Insert ads at the right place on your website without trying to edit the code.
  • Showing ads to the right audience at the right time.

If you want to make this process smooth with a user-friendly interface and with no coding efforts, then an ad management plugin is the best option. You can also start earning passive income.

WP AdCenter is a WordPress advertising plugin that is perfect for almost every WordPress website owner who is looking forward to monetizing his website by showing ads. 

This WordPress banner ad plugin is easy to use and lets you import the Google AdSense ads and display them on your WordPress website. Apart from this, this plugin is also capable of displaying unlimited ads from popular networks, such as Media.net, Amazon Ads, and more.

This ad inserter plugin allows you to create unlimited custom ads and place them anywhere on your website using shortcodes, widgets, or by directly editing your theme template. Apart from banner ads and network ads you can also display ads using custom javascript codes, or show ads on AMP pages.

Its geo-targeting ads feature allows you to target your ads to a specific set of audiences anywhere in the world. This WordPress ad rotator plugin also allows you to control the rotation and display of custom ads. You can either show all your ads at once or rotate multiple ads. Check out some of the benefits of using a WordPress ad Management plugin.

WordPress ads plugin - WP AdCenter


Let’s take a look at all the powerful and rich features this plugin offers:

Different Types of Ads

The plugin helps you create and display a variety of ads, such as:

  • Text Ads: You can create text ads and display them anywhere on your website.
  • Network Ads: These include The Moneytizer, GetYourGuide, Awin, Tradedoubler, InfoLinks, Ezoic, DoubleClick (DFP), Google Ad Manager, BuySellAds, Amazon Advertising, Media.net, Google AdSense, and many more.
  • Amazon Ads: You can also create contextual amazon native shopping ads with this plugin.
  • Custom JavaScript: The plugin lets you create and display ads with the help of customized JavaScript code. 
  • Banner Ads: You can control every aspect of display ads. You can manage the size and position of the ads, control the rotation, scheduling, and audience targeting.
  • AMP Ads: This advertising plugin allows you to create fast, beautiful, and high-performing ads across devices using this AMP ads feature.

Check this article to know about how to insert ads in your WordPress website.

Unlimited Ads and Ad Groups

WP AdCenter plugin offers you the power to create unlimited ad positions, ad sizes, ad groups, and even ads. You can create as many ad groups as needed to manage the ads. 

For example, if you want to show a block of four banners in the sidebar, a larger banner in the header, and a small banner at the end of each post – each ad can be assigned to a new ad group. You can also add all the banners in the same ad group. This video explains all about how to display ads on your website using WP AdCenter plugin.

Integration of Page Builder

The plugin can be integrated with some of the widely used page builders, such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Gutenberg, and many more. Here are some AdSense optimized themes for your website.

Elementor ads display
Display ads using Gutenberg blocks

Import from AdSense

If you are wondering how to integrate Google AdSense into your website, you can use the WP Adcenter plugin for easily doing it in a few quick steps. Once your Google AdSense account is approved, connect it to your WP AdCenter plugin. 

Select the Settings > Import from AdSense Option and connect your AdSense Account from the drop-down. Now you are ready to display AdSense Ads. Select Create Ad and in the Ad Type Select Import from AdSense and show your ads. 

To sum it up,  WordPress AdSense implementation can be done smoothly and in a hassle-free way using WP AdCenter

WordPress ads plugin- Import from Adsense
WordPress banner ad plugin
  • Alternative Ad networks

Using this WordPress banner ad plugin, you can also display unlimited ads from popular networks on your website. This is particularly beneficial during the times when you are struggling to get the website authorized by Google. 

Just add the ad code to your WordPress site using the WP AdCenter plugin’s create ads option and automatically start showing the ads.

WordPress ad inserter plugin- ads from other network

Advertiser sign up and WooCommerce Payment Integration

WP Adcenter allows third-party advertisers to sign-up and display their ads on your website. The advertisers get access to a separate account where they can upload ads to get approval, pay for the ads and get access to their own dashboards. 

Along with an easy advertiser signup feature, WP AdCenter also has easy integration with WooCommerce Payment Gateway. Advertisers can now pay online with a variety of payment processors. In short, the integration of WooCommerce payment makes it even easier to collect money from advertisers. 

Ad Block Detection

This is one of the most useful features that allow you to detect those visitors who have an ad-blocker on the browser. This way, you can request them to disable the blocker. Ultimately, it makes sure that all of your ads are displayed, leading you to an enhanced ad click rate.


Geotargeting- WordPress ads plugin

This  geo-targeting ads WordPress plugin allows you to target your ads to a specific set of audience anywhere in the world. You can filter the target audience through the country, region, or city to display your banner ads. You can also use the IP address of a specific device or the opt-in location services provided by a device’s GPS to show ads to potential customers based on their current locations. Displaying your ads to your specific target audience is likely to create more conversions. This leads to more conversions.

Rotating Ads

With this WordPRess ad rotator plugin, you can also rotate ads according to the predefined schedule. This will help fight against ad blindness. You can also use WordPress widgets, shortcodes, elementor, and Gutenberg blocks to display rotating ads.

Script Inserter

You get to insert custom code in the header or the body sections of the website. 

You can enable the script’s settings for all the pages as follows:

  • Header scripts (Global) – Specify the scripts to add in a header element of all pages.
  • Body scripts (Global) – Specify scripts to add to the body element of all pages.
  • Footer scripts (Global) – Mention the scripts to add in the footer of all pages.

Advanced Features:

This powerful WordPress ads plugin gives you  professional reports and statistics on the ad performance. This way, you can discover the best and high-performing ads and optimize them.

You can also schedule all of your ads and show them at a specific time. 

You can start using the free version of WP AdCenter plugin, and move on to the paid version whenever you want. On top of all these amazing features, the premium support 24×7 is an added advantage.

Wrapping Up

If you are running a blog or a WordPress website, you would definitely require a perfect WordPress ad management plugin. If you want to know about other advertising plugins for WordPress you can check this Top 6 WordPress Advertising plugins to optimize your adspace. Choosing WP AdCenter is surely going to offer plenty of features and advantages. So this post has covered all of the major features. Go through both versions in detail and make your decision. 

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