WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) Theme: Features And Best FSE Themes

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) Theme: Features And Best FSE Themes

WordPress is a top-rated platform, and many of its users love it. It is evident from the number of WordPress users who manage their websites. While there are several reasons why the users love it, there are always reasons why they don’t like it. One such significant criticism placed by WordPress users is in customizing their site. While their competitors have moved on to a modern way to edit them, WordPress is stuck with their years-old way of customizing the site. Just when people think it’s time to move on, WordPress might have a surprise for all those wondering.

With its new beta release, WordPress has changed the way users can edit the site. WordPress calls it Full Site Editing (FSE) or Block-based theme. 

With this new feature around the corner, all the WordPress users are pretty optimistic about the future of WordPress and happy that WordPress has finally decided to catch up with the competition. 

What is WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) theme or Block based theme

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a new feature of WordPress that tries to build an entire website using just blocks. It also contains other features under development, such as Site Editor, Global Styles, specific blocks for Site/Post/Page, Query block, Navigation block, Templates, and block themes. With FSE, even non-technical users can bring their creativity to life without coding efforts.

The users are limited by the default customization features provided by the theme and the Gutenberg plugin. They can only add blocks and customize them in the content section. To customize the header, footer, or rest of the website, they have to access the customizer.

With this new Full Site Editing update of WordPress, everything changes. The users can now experience adding and editing blocks outside the content section. They have site-wide access to edit stuff without depending on the customizer. And if you’re still wondering, yes, the customizer is no longer available.

The Full Site Editing feature aims to take a broader role and allow users to add blocks beyond just the content section. Blocks can add to the header, footer, even the sidebar, just like that.

Navigation menus and widgets are expected to be launched as blocks for users’ convenience to add them wherever they want.

While it’s unclear what happens to the themes and plugins, it’s undoubtedly clear that customizing sites will be different with Full Site Editing.

Some themes have already adopted the concept and are making their future bright by giving compatibility to this new feature of WordPress. These themes are likely to have the edge over the competition since they stay ahead of the game.

Full Site Editing WordPress Theme Features

Now that you know what Full Site Editing is, let us now look at some of its main features:

  1. Inclusion of new templates for full-page layouts, including the header, footer, and content section.
  2. You can now edit post and page templates through the new template editor.
  3. Inclusion of new blocks such as site logo and site title for building the site.
  4. Introduction of global styles with defaults for the theme configuration file.
  5. You can create, preview and edit templates with the new, improved site editor.
  6. Combination of blocks that can form into templates, called template parts.

If you’re a person who wants to future-proof everything, you are in the right place. Here is a list of themes that will be compatible with the Full Site Editing feature whenever it gets launched:

Best WordPress FSE themes:

Responsive FSE

Responsive FSE theme

Responsive FSE by CyberChimps is an experimental theme compatible with the next-generation Full Site Editing (FSE). You can customize the complete layout of the post or page using this theme by editing templates. You can also play around with valuable blocks such as Site Logo, Post Title, Post Author, Query, etc.

This theme allows you to add pre-defined block patterns to your pages and lets you customize them even further according to your needs. The users can also add Template Parts like header, footer, sidebar, etc., to the template and create new template parts. This theme is also WooCommerce ready, in case you’re wondering.


  • Custom Header 
  • Custom Logo 
  • Custom Menu
  • Custom Background
  • Pre-designed block styles and patterns
  • Grid Layout


Blockbase is a theme that supports full-site editing and is all about simplicity. Through global styles, you can customize the minimal templates and design settings that come along with this theme.

Using these minimalistic templates, you can customize your website and use it to build something unique with the control in your hands.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Minimalistic design
  • Fantastic configuration


Naledi- Full site editing WordPress theme

Naledi is yet another clean and simple theme that is uniquely designed for blogs and personal websites. Every part of this theme is built by inspiration from nature and travel.

Naledi is also a full-site editing WordPress theme that comes with a pre-designed set of templates and design settings. You can customize these templates through global styles.


  • Attractive design
  • Block-based theme
  • Gutenberg integrated 


Armando is an experimental full-site editing WordPress theme distinctively built for blogs and sports teams. This theme requires Gutenberg version 10.6 or newer to function. Armando contains a variety of block styles and block patterns, including the site headers, footers, and page layouts.


  • Variety of block patterns
  • Compatible with the latest Gutenberg versions
  • Suited for blogs and sports websites


Hansen- WordPress free FSE theme

Hansen is a theme entirely focused on block templates. This block template theme supports the full-site editing feature and includes various block styles and patterns. You can make use of blocks to create most of the different parts on your website. Design the website’s header, footer, pages, posts, etc., using the visual block editor as it provides a great deal of flexibility.


  • Block-based WordPress theme
  • Pre-designed block styles and patterns
  • Flexible design

TT1 Blocks

TT1 Blocks- free WordPress block based theme

TT1 Blocks is another fantastic theme that makes it into this list. Designed by WordPress itself, TT1 Blocks is an experimental block-based version of the already existing Twenty Twenty-One theme. This theme is built to leverage the full-site editing functionality that is being built in the Gutenberg plugin itself. It is safe to say that TT1 is not meant for use on a production site.


  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • Based on the existing WordPress theme
  • Block-based theme

Block-Based Bosco

Block-based bosco- Free WordPress FSE theme

The revamped version of the Bosco theme is now updated with the latest full-site editing feature. With this new version, Block-Based Bosco keeps the same design but changes all the templating code in order to be compatible with the full-site editing feature in the Gutenberg plugin.


  • Custom background-color
  • Distinctive with custom font sizes
  • Custom link color for attractive links


Ona- free WordPress block based theme

Ona is a minimal design WordPress theme compatible with the new full-site editing feature. It contains a variety of pre-designed block patterns. Using the global style option, you can easily customize the colors and fonts of the theme. This minimalistic theme is perfect for fast-optimized websites. You must have the Gutenberg plugin version 11.7 or newer, active to use Ona.


  • Pre-defined block patterns
  • Global style
  • Minimalistic design


Cormorant- free WordPress full site editing theme

Cormorant is yet another block-based theme compatible with the full-site editing feature. For this theme to work before full-site editing on WordPress, you must have the Gutenberg plugin active.


  • Block-based theme
  • Compatible with Gutenberg


Tove- free WordPress FSE theme

Tove is a joyful and cartoonish theme to play around with, entirely built around full-site editing WordPress features. It is a multi-purpose block-based theme. It is best suited for restaurant and cafe websites, but you can also customize the site using layout features of full-site editing to adapt it for any type of website.

It contains over 40 block patterns with six different header designs and seven distinctive footer designs. You must have the Gutenberg plugin version 12.1 or newer, active to use Tove before the release of the full-site editing feature by WordPress.


  • Pre-designed block patterns
  • Multi-purpose
  • Block-based theme


Pria- free WordPress FSE theme

Pria is an elegant WordPress theme that focuses on simplicity. It is an experimental block-based theme that supports a full-site editing feature. It comes with various pre-designed block styles and patterns. It also contains a Narrow post template, which is different from the as wide as the default single post template.


  • Block-based theme
  • Pre-designed block styles and patterns
  • Narrow post template

Nominal Block

Nominal Block- Free WordPress full site editing theme

Nominal Block is an easy and responsive WordPress theme that is compatible with the new full-site editing WordPress feature. It supports all the newly added features of WordPress 5.8. It is designed uniquely with the concept of Single Page Application.

The appearance of your site will no longer look like the elements generated by the theme, and you don’t have to manage global elements and page elements separately. Using the Gutenberg editor, Nominal Block helps you manage Site Title, Post title, Comments, Post Content, and construct the website.


  • Responsive theme
  • Single Page Application
  • Custom templates 


Kiyono- free WordPress FSE theme

Kiyono is yet another treat for those who love simple design themes. It contains a blank template and five block patterns for those experimenting with the latest full-site editing WordPress feature. It is a responsive theme, and it is Gutenberg-ready to use until the new feature gets released. It is also an accessibility-ready theme. It improves the user experience for those who rely on assistive technologies and helps create inclusive websites.


  • Simple design
  • Block pattern
  • Accessibility-ready theme


Q- Free WordPress block based theme

Q is officially the first theme in the directory that supports the full-site editing feature of WordPress. It is an experimental full-site editing theme that requires the users to install the Gutenberg plugin to use the theme. It makes the right point to start to feel the full-site editing feature.


  • Responsive theme
  • Block styles


Pacer- Free WordPress full site editing theme

Pacer is a clean and straightforward experimental full-site editing WordPress theme with a one-column layout. It is one of the few themes to feature a fantastic and original navigation menu for the users to create beautiful websites.


  • Clean and simple design
  • One-column layout
  • Distinctive navigation menu


Octane- WordPress free full site editing theme

Octane is a stylish experimental block-based WordPress theme. It is designed to leverage the new full-site editing feature that is built in the Gutenberg plugin. Also, it is not meant for use on the production site.


  • Custom colores
  • Custom logo
  • Custom menu


While this new feature of WordPress is not final yet, it certainly seems promising and has a lot of potential. This could definitely change the way we’re customizing our websites with what the users are doing with the Gutenberg plugin.

Full-site editing is still an experimental feature in WordPress development, but they seem relatively simple and easy to use. At this point, where the current WordPress editor is not so user-friendly and lacks many features, the users are optimistic about the new feature and hope that block-based themes will take on from here.

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