Top 15 WordPress Blogs Accepting Guest Authors

Top 15 WordPress Blogs Accepting Guest Authors

Guest blogging has gained popularity over the years as a technique with many perks, especially for upcoming bloggers. If you are publishing a guest post on a well-reputed website it can benefit you in three ways:

  • High-quality backlinks
  • Greater exposure of your blog
  • Improves your authority as an expert

These are good enough reasons for you to consider start guest blogging, but if you’re new to it, you may be unaware of where to start from. After working on WPblog for quite some time, I have come across some excellent resources that are ideal for kick-starting your guest blogging regime.

Let’s take a look at a list of 14 high-quality websites that you can guest blog for and move up the search engine rankings!

WP Sauce

WP Sauce

WP Sauce has been crafted by a team of WordPress Specialists to share their experience, insights, and knowledge, and answer all of your burning questions on your favorite CMS.

There you can find in-depth content about WordPress, with the most significant emphasis on how WordPress and its tools can help you run and elevate your business.

With articles covering Search Engine Optimisation tutorials, marketing tricks, plugin, theme, and hosting recommendations, to nifty tools you could use to design and develop your WordPress site, WP Sauce is there to support you with anything WordPress-related.


ResizeMyImage Blog

Creating a handy tool that will drastically simplify your image resizing, converting, adjusting, and optimizing process is what this tool is all about. In addition, the team behind it concluded to add the perfect companion to this tool which is a blog that will give you all of your go-to info for rocking the digital world.

The content covers everything from design and photography tips, graphic design, social media, WordPress related subjects, and other relevant topics.


NavThemes blog

On NavThemes, you will be able to read about some of the greatest WordPress themes that you could use for your site, but you can also find articles on everything you would need for running a successful project.

From reviews of WordPress plugins, best design tips, hosting recommendations, practical SEO tips to rank better, and great insights into the SaaS world, you can get relevant and actionable information on this blog!


A premium WordPress theme and plugin provider, WPExplorer is known for its high-quality products and attractive coupons. The blog consists of WordPress tutorials, themes and plugins listicles, and WooCommerce tutorials. It has around 55,000 monthly traffic which can give you and your blog a lot of exposure.

While the content is easy to understand, it is usually long-form. So if you have the time and energy to write a lengthy piece of content of about 2000 words, then you are likely to be accepted as a guest author on this website.

WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a popular WordPress blog that covers almost everything related to WordPress. From themes/plugin reviews and tutorials to WordPress podcasts and news, WP Mayor is an all-round WordPress blog.

Launched in 2010, WP Mayor is one of the oldest WordPress blogs on the internet. Over the years it has gained authority as a credible WordPress resource in the WordPress community through its high-quality and diverse content.


Apart from content in the form of articles and blogs, SitePoint also published detailed and in-depth courses for people who want to learn the art of development. With 1.3M monthly traffic, your guest post is bound to get tons of views. SitePoint is considered as the WordPress knowledge hub within the WordPress community.

The blog focuses on web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Hence, if you are into technical writing or interested in startups, then SitePoint is the blog for you. You can checkout SitePoint’s guidelines for guest post submissions before start working on your article.


CyberChimps is a renowned WordPress theme developer and provider with a very beginner friendly WordPress blog. The content is easy to understand and doesn’t require much technical knowledge to digest.

CyberChimps blog covers WordPress tutorials and themes and plugin reviews. It has a reputation of providing quality WordPress themes for WordPress users which has helped them develop a credible WordPress blog.

Superb Themes

Many websites need organic traffic from search engines and convert visitors to customers to succeed. Superb Themes’ WordPress themes are built from scratch with these two goals in mind: hand-written crawlable code, on-page search engine optimization and a slick responsive design. Great design combined with their own plugins can help you convert like never before.

They write high quality articles about WordPress, technology and software. They have more than 150.000 visitors monthly, who follow their blog and more than 200.000 people who use their products.


Other than detailed and up-to-date how to’s, Tutsplus provides online courses and ebooks to educate website developers and designers. It has 1000+ video courses, 240+ ebooks, and numerous how to’s that cover design, coding, business, motion graphics and more.

5 million unique visitors every month at Tutsplus will ensure your guest post gets some serious exposure.


WPLift has recently rebranded its website and gave it a fresh look. The new tagline “LEARN WORDPRESS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT” reflects what WPLift has always focused on. And that is to help WordPress users learn WordPress at a fast pace.

It has developed a reputation within the WordPress community as an authentic WordPress resource. WPLift regularly publishes detailed themes and plugin reviews as well as promote upcoming WordPress developers.


As a one-stop solution for your WordPress website, CodeinWP provides custom made WordPress themes and plugins along with WooCommerce solutions for its ecommerce customers.

CodeinWP’s blog takes a different approach compared to other blogs, though. They have distinct and unique topics that they explain in great detail. They do not publish content on a daily basis because they take time to conduct thorough research before producing their articles which are usually long form.


Woblogger is a relatively new name in the WordPress community. The blog covers SEO, WordPress blogging, social media, and internet tools through its content.

If you’re confused about what type of content you should be contributing on Woblogger, you can visit their Write for us page where they have a list of topics you can write on.


SourceWP has been a successful WordPress blog by doing the simplest of things – Producing easy to understand WordPress content. The blog covers WordPress themes, plugins, reviews and WordPress hosting.

I would recommend you to go through some of the content already published on SourceWP before pitching for guest post. This is because the content is straight-forward and to the point without any fluff.


A giant in the WordPress theme industry, Themegrill currently powers more than 300,000 websites with its beautifully crafted themes. It has also been mentioned on,, WPMUDEV, and GoDaddy.

Themegrill specifically mentions in its write for us page what type of content gets accepted and what gets rejected. If the motive behind your guest post is completely promotional, then your article will likely to be rejected straight away.


Torquemag is famous for its distinct style of content that caters to WordPress developers and WordPress users in general. It is backed by WP Engine which itself is a popular WordPress hosting provider.

Some of the guidelines Torquemag has mentioned are that the article should be 700 – 1500 words and it should be relevant to WordPress professionals.

Premium Coding
Premium Coding

PremiumCoding is in the WordPress game, designing and developing WordPress themes, since 2010. Their primary focus is blog themes, but they cover other niches, too. That said, it is a versatile WP theme shop for a wide range of users.

If you would like to submit your article to PremiumCoding, you find all the guidelines on the Write For Us page. See what kind of topics they accept and check their popular blog posts which you can use for inspiration.


WP Superstars are a well-known WordPress resource that has provided authentic and up-to-date WordPress content over the years. It aims to make WordPress easier for users by publishing easy to implement tips and tricks.

Since the theme of the content is easy to understand, it expects you to contribute similar type of content. Make sure to check out the style guide mentioned in the write for us page so that your guest post gets accepted.


If you’re in the WordPress community, you must know about Themeisle. The name is associated with high-quality themes and plugins that more than 400,000 users use.

The blog aims to provide WordPress tutorials and reviews for beginner as well as advanced WordPress users. Their content usually goes through comprehensive research and the topics are unique. So if you can write rich content that is opinionated and has good research to back it up, then Themeisle is the place for you.


WPeka brands itself as an eminent source of knowledge for WordPress, SEO, Web Design and Digital Marketing. It has a huge variety of content ranging from blogging, interviews, opinions to news, themes, and tutorials.

WPeka has more than 20,000 subscribers, so if you are looking to expand your exposure as a blogger, then WPeka is the right website for your guest blog.



TheGuideX is a great resource for small businesses, bloggers and folks who need to establish their business online.

With great backlinks and traffic, TheGuideX is one good platform to guest post and get your thoughts aboard to the audience looking for the same.


WPKlik is a comprehensive database for everything WordPress related. The blog is written and maintained by a group of WordPress professionals gathered around a single idea – to share their experience and expertise with the world. The WPKlik team covers a wide range of topics – from beginner’s guides, theme & plugin reviews, and blogging tips, to advanced WordPress tutorials, advice on search engine optimization, interviews with industry experts and much more.

WPKlik has recently started accepting guest posts. So if you have a relevant, informative, and well-researched article, this is the place to submit it to. You can find out more about their publishing process and submission guidelines on the site’s “Write for WPKlik” page.

Start Contributing!

At this stage, you should have a fair idea of which websites you should be targeting for your guest blog. Make sure you have read all the guidelines mentioned on the website so that your guest post is accepted in a single go.


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