Best Tools to Help you Start Your Own Business While Still Working 9-5

Best Tools to Help you Start Your Own Business While Still Working 9-5

We are living in a world ruled by entrepreneurs. Thanks to their openness and desire to teach and share – young people have never been so confident and creative about starting their own businesses and fulfilling their dreams.

Although, some of these young entrepreneurs still fear to lose their secure full-time job and tend to start their businesses as side projects at first. That’s great too, but it can become a real challenge and make you struggle with your time management.

With only 24 hours in a day, it’s hard to focus on your career at one full-time job and on your own business on the side at the same time. But the right tools can make it possible – try automating and simplifying as many processes as you can and you’ll be surprised how much time you will save.

1. Omnisend


If you’re up to diving into e-commerce and running an e-shop, the first thing you should start using for your side project is ecommerce marketing automation tools. In simple words, it will make your strategy work for you: meeting your new customers, engaging with them, responding to them, and keeping them coming back.

2. Integromat


The cloud workflow automation is going to become your best friend if you have a full-time job: it will save you a lot of money, time and struggle of managing your time and content. With this tool, you can relax and automate pretty much everything, because it supports more than 700 different apps.

3. pCloud


To transfer, exchange and upload pictures and files faster or on the go, you might start searching for dropbox alternatives. The most secure one with a super fast upload speed is pCloud. More importantly, if you have some colleagues that are helping you with your side project, this incredible tool will let you share your files with these people, which will lead to completing various task faster.

4. Combin


Social media marketing is something you just cannot skip these days. Having in mind that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks today, you should create an account for your business as well. But how do you get your first followers? Some people tend to use the app itself by liking and following other users, but who has time for that with a full-time job? Get real Instagram followers with Comin by browsing and liking the content much faster from your computer.

5. InvoiceNinja


To make your sales processes faster and more automated, try out the Proposals creation tool by InvoiceNinja. Simply use one of the great templates to create a proposal and email it to your clients – they will be able to download it as a PDF and approve to convert it to an invoice.

6. Word Counter


A word counter should be used for a faster content creation – you can easily track how even your paragraphs are and how far along are you. And this will save you tons of time – if you used to use MS Word by copying your text there just in order to count words, then definitely switch to this tool today, it’s a timesaver.

7. MaxTraffic


There are many ways to make marketing work for you while you sleep or focus on your other project – all you need to do is plan it and simply use the best tool for web push notifications. Target and schedule your push notifications in a few minutes, enjoy the customers floating to your website and analyze the positive outcome afterward to see if it’s as effective as you’d like it to be (or more).

8. Focused Collection


If you have zero amount of time to browse the internet for those perfect pictures for your newly made website – search no more. The focused collection will instantly solve this problem with its already arranged collections of photos that have been taken by professional photographers.

9. Salesmate


A CRM tool is something that any business or side project just can’t go without. Salesmate will be the perfect solution for you – aside from its many marvelous features, the most important to you is the mobile CRM. It will boost your productivity and ensure you keep on track with your sales anytime and anywhere you go.


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