Tip of the Week: Design Your Logo

Hi Everyone,

Design Your Logo

You don’t need to be a corporation or fast food joint to need a logo. You also don’t need to be a pro to design your own logo. Whether you’re just an artist, musician, club, sports team, blog whatever… you need a logo.

A logo ties a site together making it feel complete and allows your readers, customers, clients, visitors of any kind to easily identify with you. Be it through your website or Facebook, Twitter or any other social profile you should carry a signature image.

Build Your Logo

Use a free online logo generator. Something like Cool Text.
(note that it’s very easy to make an ugly logo if you overdo the effects, subtlety is the key)

Design Your Logo

If you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator which are very expensive programs, you can use GIMP (Mac users see here).

Have Your Logo Professionally Designed

And of course, should you need your logo professionally designed, checkout 99designs. And of course we offer logo design ourselves.


Thanks, Bryan

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