Releases & Updates: Table of Contents Block, Map Block, and more.

Releases & Updates: Table of Contents Block, Map Block, and more.

Update- 08/09/2021

Responsive Elementor Addons

With the REA v1.3.1, we have released some new exciting premium Elementor widgets to help you build amazing pages for your website. Please check out the below list of newly added widgets-

  • Lottie Using this Lottie widget, you can easily add amazing Lottie animations on your website to grab your user’s attention. It also comes with different customization options to bring more awesomeness to the content & design.
  • Logo Carousel– Logo Carousel is the best option to showcase the organizations you are affiliated with in an eye-catching and creative manner to make your brand stand out to your site visitors.
  • Dual Color Header– This unique widget can help you to highlight your important headers with dual color to grab your visitor’s attention.
  • Facebook Feed– Using this widget you can display Facebook posts on your website to engage your website visitors on your social channels. Facebook feeds on your site will also add credibility to your business and level up the conversions.
  • Banner– Banner widget can help you to enhance the banner image by making it more clickable as an attractive call to action. You can create eye-catching interactive banners with multiple interactive styles and tons of customization options without any coding.
  • Progress Bar– With this widget, you can show progress bars on your website to showcase progress of any activity by means of animated indicators. You can also visualize the status of ongoing processes (events, projects) with the Progress Bar widget.
  • Login/Registration Form– Design eye-catching login register forms and get people to register as members on your website with this useful Login/Registration form widget. A well-designed login registration form makes the site visitors feel a sense of security when registering for membership.

Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library-

  • Pattern Importer- In the latest release, we have released a library of pre-designed beautiful looking sections and pages which make it even easier to create beautiful pages quickly.

These sections and pages are made up of groups of blocks where all the settings like backgrounds, margins, padding, colors, etc. have been pre-configured. After adding one of them to your page, all you need to do is replace the demo text and images with your own.

The plugin currently includes-

  • 32 Sections
  • 14 Pages

To learn more about this feature, you can check the documentation here.

In our latest update to the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Editor plugin, we have added two significant blocks for users. 

  1. Table of Contents Block
  2. Map Block

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents block is used when linking to headings and subheadings in long-form articles or even web pages.

An article with a table of contents has more chances of readability and it does look presentable to the reader. Readers can find information faster by instantly jumping to the specific information on the page.

Here are some features of the Table of Content (TOC) block

  • This block displays an index that gives readers and website visitors an overview of the content on the post or page.
  • Fetch subtitles automatically into the table. Add heading tags and the block aligns them accordingly.
  • Pass links from the table of contents to the internal sections without any code.
  • Manage the colors of the table, text, etc. through the block settings.

The TOC block automatically fetches the headings from the article or the page.

This is how it looks when you add it in the Gutenberg editor

View the TOC block demo

Google Maps Block

Adding the location of your business on the website is crucial if you want your clients to locate you. 

Locating an address on Google maps is sometimes difficult when there are multiple businesses with similar names. So it’s better to have your location embedded on your website.

You can easily do this by using the Map block in the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks library. 

  1. To add your address go to the Gutenberg Editor
  2. Click on ‘+’ icon and insert the address and select the Google map block.
  3. Then, type in the address you want to locate.

You can Zoom in to a specific location on the map. There’s also the feature to adjust the height so it fits on the page perfectly.

View the Map Block demo

Responsive Gutenberg Block updates

We have added exciting new features to the individual blocks in our Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library. 

Info Block 

  • Now the background can be fully customized and there’s also an option to change the icon background.
  • Responsive options for image/icon margin.
  • You can change the font of the text and the CTA.
  • You can hyperlink the entire Info block and add a shadow while visitors hover on it.

Image Boxes

  • Option for a gutter between the images.
  • Toggle Button for content and customizing the border.

Team Block

  • You can now change the size of icons social media icons in this block. 

Flip Box

  • There’s an option to add gutter, stack, and background image. 
  • On mobile view, if you click on the backside of the Flip Box it flips back to the original.

Post Carousel

  • The column can be made responsive so that mobile and tablet viewers will be able to scroll down easily.  
  • As mobile viewers can slide to another image, we have added an option to the carousel arrows.

Advanced Heading  

  • Customizing the heading gives an attractive look to the pages. So we have added an underline decoration option for the heading and subheading.

Call To Action 

  • As this is an important block for increasing conversions, we have added some more typography and responsive spacing options to this block.

Count Up

  • You can now completely customize the font of the number and description by still keeping it responsive in mobile view. 

Considering the recent updates by WordPress on the Gutenberg editor, we are also in the process on added significant features to our Responsive theme.

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