REA Theme Builder: Create Elementor Templates Easily For Your Website

REA Theme Builder: Create Elementor Templates Easily For Your Website

Our Responsive Pro customers can now customize every fundamental part of their WordPress website without any coding knowledge – including their header, footer, posts, and pages. 

With the release of REA v1.3.2, we have added a new feature called ‘Theme Builder’. Using this feature you can create various templates with conditions pertaining to where to display them and optional conditions to restrict the template to certain users.

How to access the REA Theme Builder

To access the REA theme builder-

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel, navigate to REA > Theme Builder.
REA Theme Builder Feature

REA Theme Builder Dashboard

REA Theme Builder Dashboard

Here you’ll see the templates list table and the type column indicates what kind of template it is. This connects to the navigation menu above, allowing you to see all template types that are similar in one table. Alternatively, if you’d like to see all templates of any type in one area, go to the “All” tab.

How to add a new template

  • To add a new template, click “Add New” or edit any existing template.
Adding a new template using the REA plugin
  • Next, you’ll see the below template settings screen-
REA template settings page

Template Settings are as follows:

  1. Type of Template – You can select the type of template (Header/Footer/Single Page/Single Post) you want to create.
  2. Display On – You can choose where the template will be displayed. This setting also has two more buttons:
    1. Add Display On Condition – Add one or more places where the template will appear.
    2. Add Exclusion Condition – Add one or more places where the template should not be displayed.
  3. User Roles – Choose which types of users the template should be displayed for. An Add User Rule button is also available in this setting, allowing the user to add new user rules/conditions to the template.

There are two types of user roles:

  1. Basic – All, Logged In and Logged Out.
  2. Advanced – Administrator, Author, Editor, Shop Manager, Contributor, Customer and Subscriber (if WooCommerce is active).
  3. Enable for Canvas Template – To use the elementor canvas template with this template, check this box.

After configuring the template settings, publish/update the template. Then the template can be edited with Elementor.

Dynamic Post Widgets

Dynamic post widget pulls content from the website or the current page/post and changes it based on the page or post it’s on. So, if you are adding or editing a post template you’ll see 5 widgets especially designed for your posts content like-

  1. Post title– This widget allows you to display the title of the page/post it is set upon.
  2. Post content– This widget displays the content of the page/post it is set upon. When this widget is used with a template, the content of the respective page/post will only be seen if this widget is added.
  3. Post info– This widget will fetch the meta details of the page/post to be displayed on the screen.
  4. Featured image– This widget allows you to include the featured image from that page/post into the content.
  5. Post excerpt– This widget shows the text that was entered in the excerpt when the post was created.

To sum it up, we are staunch believers in continuous improvement. With this philosophy in mind, we are continuously striving to bring wonderful new elements to the table in order to deliver an even better website design experience. We don’t want to give you any more details since we don’t want to ruin the fun! But, as usual, you can count on bigger things to come your way.

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So, try out the latest version of REA and boost your page-building experience. If you have any input, please leave it in the comments area.

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