How to build a WordPress dropshipping website- Easy Guide

How to build a WordPress dropshipping website- Easy Guide

There is no denying the fact that the commencement of eCommerce has altered the business landscape from head to toe. In fact, the number of internet buyers has surpassed 65% in 2021

Owing to this, it is quite evident that effectively getting products delivered to customers is essential to the success of your business. Fortunately, with the eCommerce industry evolving, production and shipping options are undergoing significant changes as well. 

Having said that, dropshipping is regarded as one of the best ways to handle both tasks. If you wish to come up with an eCommerce store, you should be familiar with dropshipping as well. In this article, let’s find out how you can start dropshipping with WordPress. 

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping comprises outsourcing the manufacturing and shipping of products directly to the supplier. In simple words, you will not have to produce, store and ship your product. 

Rather, you will only have to provide the product for sale and work with a supplier directly to coordinate the fulfillment. There are plenty of pros and cons of dropshipping. Let’s have a glance at the benefits. 

  • Dropshipping is an outstanding approach to cut down overhead expenditure. You will be able to decrease or entirely eradicate the storage cost and assembly space for the product. 
  • Also, you will only have to maintain contact with the supplier to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Some of the downsides of this approach include:

  • You will have to spend a lot of time communicating with the supplier. This could be even more if you ended up picking the wrong provider. 
  • You may also run into issues with inventory as the supplier may come across supply chain problems that you may not be familiar with until a customer raises an issue.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Dropshipping

It is quite obvious that WordPress is one of the best platforms for an extensive range of purposes, including dropshipping. The open-source core of WordPress makes it extremely easy for developers to create plugins that can assist facilitate the entire process. 

In addition to this, WordPress can offer everything required to integrate the option of dropshipping into both a new and an existing eCommerce site. Moreover, the process is much simpler than your anticipation. 

Setting Up Your Dropshipping Website Using WooCommerce

With WordPress, one of the ways you can use to connect product selling is through WooCommerce Dropshipping. The WooCommerce plugin is quite a popular eCommerce alternative for WordPress users. Thus, jotted down below are some quick steps that will help you set up your dropshipping website with this plugin. 

Setup Your WordPress Site and Install WooCommerce

To begin with, you will require a WordPress website installed on a web host. Once done, you can then set up the site and install as well as activate the WooCommerce plugin. Post that, you will have to configure WooCommerce according to your business. A quick and easy way to do so is by using the available setup wizard that will help you keep all of your information in one single place. 

Choose a Suitable WooCommerce Theme & Template

Once you have configured the WooCommerce website, you will have to design your online store with a relevant WooCommerce theme and template. Sure, you can find plenty of options in this category out there. However, if you are confused, an exceptional recommendation would be the Responsive Pro theme by CyberChimps. The theme is fully customizable, fast, and mobile-friendly. Right from attractive fonts to custom spacing, unlimited colors, priority support, blazing fast speed, header and footer layouts, custom mobile menu, and much more is available with this theme. 

Top Three WooCommerce Templates For Your Dropshipping Website

If you are looking for some of the best WooCommerce templates for your WordPress dropshipping website, here are the top three recommendations: 

WordPress Clothing Store Theme

If you are running an apparel, clothing or fashion store, this template would be an ideal choice for you. You can find a variety of pre-designed pages that you can use to develop your template. There is also an option to display countdown sales. Furthermore, you get a 1-click demo import that makes it easier for you to customize the site according to your requirements. 

Toyziez – Toy Store WordPress Theme

Just as the name suggests, this one is ideal for online toy shops. It is a ready-to-use theme that lets you display different categories of toys. With a discount option, you can give more details regarding the sale organized on your site. And then, you also get pre-designed home, contact, about, product pages and shop that make it seamless for you to launch your store in no time.

WordPress Pet Shop Theme

For pet shop owners, this template caters to varying requirements. It helps you create a ready-to-use website. The theme has cross-browser compatibility, meaning it can run on every popular browser, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. The theme comes with more than 700 Google fonts. It is multilingual WPML ready and doesn’t require any coding. 

Add Products to Your Store

The next step here is to add products to your online store before you can set up your dropshipping systems. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Open WordPress dashboard
  • On the left side, navigate to Products and click Add New 

Now, you will have to add the required information about your product and publish it. 

Install the WooCommerce Dropshipping Addon

To execute a dropshipping strategy, you will have to buy the WooCommerce Dropshipping add-on. It is priced at $79 per year for one site license. After buying the add-on, you can download the same from your WooCommerce account and upload it to your site. And then, once activated, it will be ready to work upon.

Configure Your Dropshipping Settings

And now, the next step is to add suppliers and their information to the dropshipping database. To do so, follow these steps:

Configure Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Settings
  • Open your WordPress website
  • Visit WooCommerce and hover over Products
  • And then, click on Suppliers

Here, you can enter the required details regarding the dropshipping services that you are using. 

To edit every product that will have a dropshipping supplier, follow these steps:

  • Get back to WooCommerce
  • Click on the Products menu

Here, you will find a drop-down menu toward the right side of the edit screen. From this place, you can choose suppliers that you have added to the website. And then, the product will get connected to that chosen supplier. 

Now that you are about to launch your online business, you would need to adhere to laws and regulations. Keep in mind not making your eCommerce site legally compliant can land you in serious reputation and monetary troubles. So, to keep all these issues at bay, you can try WP Legal Pages Pro.

Privacy policy generator WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin helps you create attorney-level legal policies. Therefore, it helps you match the standards of GDPR Privacy Policy, California Privacy Policy, and more such laws. The plugin provides you with more than 25 automated legal policy templates. 

The plugin supports multi-language; hence, you can write your policy pages in a variety of languages, such as French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Need Help in Setting Up Your Dropshipping Website?

Does it seem too tiring to set up your WordPress dropshipping website? If yes, get in touch with professional eCommerce development services by CyberChimps. It is a decade-old company that has developed an array of products, including responsive Elementor widgets and add-ons, ready-site templates, responsive theme, responsive Gutenberg blocks add-ons, and more. Helping you with a variety of WordPress services, you can rely on this professional and experienced team for:

  • WordPress installation
  • WordPress migration
  • WordPress development
  • Magento services
  • eCommerce store development

And much more!


Beginning a dropshipping business can surely solve a plethora of issues that you may face being a new business owner. With dropshipping, you can provide a wider range of products without getting into the matters of store inventory and purchase. So, get your WordPress dropshipping website get ready now with CyberChimps. 

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