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Have you ever thought about creating your own website for personal or business use? If so, then you, probably, inquired about the available options and explored them based on your web design skills. It’s quite possible that you encountered multiple web building tools, but there is certainly the one, which can’t be left unnoticed, when it comes to the convenience, simplicity and speed of the web creation process. The tool we are talking about is a website builder – a service, which can bring all the web design hassle to the minimum, ensuring decent result and ease-of-use.

Modern website builders allow creating various website types in a quick and comparatively inexpensive way. Simplicity, high speed of the web design process and intuitive user-friendly interface are those core features that make an ordinary website builder an advanced solution for non-techies and professional web developers.

The use of website builders is a nice solution to everyone, who faces the problem of high quality websites and wants to boost productivity and speed of the web building process. Contemporary website builders help solve a broad spectrum of tasks, ensuring decent result.

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If you are right about to build a business website, a landing page or a small online store, but lack time to do that, consider the following website builders that are the contemporary niche leaders.



Ucraft is a powerful drag-and-drop website builder, which ensures easy, smooth and quick web design process. Everything is understandable here – starting from an intuitive interface of the system and up to website design customization. It generally takes around several hours to launch a professionally designed and functional website here.

The service does not only allow building single websites, but it also makes it possible to create several language versions by using a special multilingual tool. Translating websites into the chosen languages does not take much time and allows using them for effective interaction with foreign partners and clients.

Strong eCommerce engine is another highlight of the system. Creating, managing and promoting a web store with it won’t be a problem even for inexperienced users, not to mention the professionals.

You can promote an eCommerce website by using the advanced SEO tools the system has in stock, world-known marketplaces, social media channels, etc. Delivery and payment options are versatile as well and can be chosen based on the needs of website owners and their clients.

Giving a website stunning design is one of the surefire ways to make it noticed by the target audience. This is where Ucraft Designer Tools will come in handy. Designer Tools the system offers include Typography adjustment options, Layout development and editing as well as ui kit options.

Have you launched a website with the intention to use it for business branding purposes? If so, then the White Label solution is what you need to get started! Ucraft White Label software allows using the website builder under your own business name, getting advanced privileges from the system features. The tool gives a chance to host the unlimited number of websites created with the system on its servers, but it’s also possible to use a platform of your choice for this purpose.

IM Creator


Need a decent website in no time? Then IM Creator is certainly a nice tool to start working on your project. This free website builder has everything newbies and web design experts need to develop the websites that come up to their requirements and objectives.

Based on the strips and polydoms technology, the system implies using responsive content blocks to form website layout and design. This is as easy, fast and engaging as playing with LEGO blocks, indeed!

Another feature that makes the website builder stand out from the crowd is its remarkable eCommerce and blogging engines. If you need a web store to feature functionality and stunning design or a blog to boost your website performance, why don’t you launch it with IM Creator?

IM Creator also has a scalable White Label solution for users with serious web design intentions, namely independent web developers, web design studios, domain and hosting companies, resellers. It allows creating the unlimited number of websites without the third-party branding, getting the unlimited number of licences, domains, hosting, disk space. There is no need to pay for all these privileges. Instead, you can use your own templates and billing system to cooperate with clients effectively.



When it comes to the speed of the web creation process, uKit is one of the leaders of the web building niche. The service is primarily used to launch small business websites by means of using drag-and-drop functionality.

uKit is initially focused on the needs of users, who are not technical at all. Easy navigation, intuitive interface, WYSIWYG editor, multiple business widgets, responsive templates and other features make the system the top choice for newbies nd professionals.

uKit template collection is rich and versatile. Whatever topic you focus on, a suitable template is waiting for you here. Do you need an online store? Consider 1 of 2 options uKit offers – either an eCommerce widget or an Ecwid plugin. This depends upon multiple factors (size and features of your online store, your business goals, budget, web design skills etc.).

uKit stands out from the crowd due to its amazingly affordable pricing policy. The cost of the plans ranges from $4/mo and up to $12/mo, providing a freedom of choice.



Mobirise is a decent free website builder, which is a nice solution, when time is a priority. One of its peculiar features is the fact that you need to download the software prior to using it. This means that you can work on your project any time of the day without relying on the quality, speed and availability of the Internet connection.

Mobirise is known for its super-easy minimalistic interface, mobile-friendly nature, rich feature set provided out-of-the-box and speed of web design process.

The website builder offers a collection of content blocks, proper combination and adjustment of which results in the development of website structure and design. Users choose those blocks that fit their website specialization and replace their content with the required information. This is easy, fun and quick!

Mobirise allows creating effective landing pages, business websites and portfolios. It also ensures perfect mobile browsing experience by using the AMP Website Builder. The tool contributes to quicker loading of mobile web pages, which, in its turn, boosts customer satisfaction and website traffic.

The website builder is basically free and you can also host your ready made website with Github Pages at no cost. It’s up to you to decide, what exactly you need to enhance your website performance.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the efficacy and quality of the web design process, speed proves to be one of the major requirements. The quicker you manage to develop a professional website, the faster you’ll be able to proceed to the accomplishment of the next project. This, however, does not mean that result should be at risk.

On the contrary, speed/quality correlation should be the basis of effective web design process. This is where website builders come into play. These services are so easy-to-use that mastering them is a matter of a couple of hours or days. They eliminate the need to learn complicated coding nuances, offering multiple features and design tools instead.

Ucraft, uKit, IM Creator and Mobirise are the niche leaders that always ensure decent result with minimum time investment. Go ahead to test them to make sure it’s not a myth, but reality!

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