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From an exclusive blogging platform meant to create a space for avid bloggers to possibly the most popular content management system out there, WordPress’s journey has been steady and massive. Today, it is one of the most widely-used platforms for hosting websites of all kinds, especially e-Commerce stores. e-Commerce has come close to taking over almost 50% of the web, which means that nearly half the websites on the www will soon be catering to online shopping.

Why Is WordPress The Go-To Platform For E-Commerce Stores?

Our point of discussion today is the reason why WordPress has become the go-to platform for e-Commerce stores. But before we look into that, let’s take a look at why WordPress is so widely-used in itself.

  • It offers a large number of themes, 30,000+ to quantify, for creating unique websites.
  • It has more than 37,000 plugins to help you add various features and functionalities to your website.
  • You can translate your website to 51 languages, making WordPress global-friendly.
  • An in-built SEO friendliness feature makes the job easier for you when ensuring search engine optimization and ranking.
  • It is a very straightforward platform that is extremely easy to use and requires very little ‘training’.
  • There are multiple options in payment gateways; you can choose the best and most convenient way to receive payments from your customers.
  • WordPress is a secure platform to use, further strengthened by the security plugins that it offers.
  • And the best part of all is that WordPress is free! Yes, you need to purchase premium themes and plugins, but the use of the platform doesn’t require you to pay up!
  • Additionally, the WordPress community is vast, supportive, and very friendly. You will never run out of assistance and answers should you stumble upon a query.

Did you Know? eBay, the world’s first internationally-popular e-Commerce website, also uses WordPress.
And now let’s get back to the point.

Popularity of WordPress as an e-Commerce Platform

WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin for the e-Commerce platform is massively popular although there are a lot of other options available in the market. WooCommerce forms 32% of the e-Commerce platform market share. It hosts over 170,000 websites to date, which can only be expected to soar in the coming years. But that’s just a part of it. Let’s break down the reasons for WordPress’s popularity in e-Commerce.

Many, many useful plugins

Besides WooCommerce, WordPress offers many more e-Commerce plugins. WooCommerce helps you set up and customize your e-Store, right from the layout to shipping and payments. Another plugin called WP e-Commerce helps you set up catalogs, track financial information, inventory and stock management, etc. Other plugins include Easy Digital Downloads and Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart.
Although these plugins perform pretty much the same functions, WooCommerce is the most comprehensive of all. Apart from the array of useful features and functionalities, it’s pretty user friendly too. WordPress plugins are intuitive and flexible, adapting to your specific requirements.

WordPress takes Security Seriously

When it comes to plugins, WordPress leaves everyone else far behind. Website security is of the utmost importance, and even more so when it comes to e-Commerce websites. They have a vast storage of user data, visitor data, as well as crucial financial data that should be secured against misuse or even from getting into the hands of any unauthorized persons.
In this case, WordPress offers a large number of security plugins to keep your website safe. Right from tackling brute force attacks to firewalls, blocking users and IP addresses, flagging suspicious files, limiting login attempts, and providing real time notifications, these plugins cater to any and all requirements of a site owner.
Apart from this, WordPress keeps rolling out regular updates that focus on website safety and security. It keeps fixing potential glitches regularly.

Wealth of Resources when Starting

Being an open source platform, WordPress sees a lot of contribution towards it development and improvement from users on a regular basis. Hence, you can access a lot of valuable information before you begin. The same goes for a scenario where you may encounter a problem and require help.
The WordPress community is quite large, and filled with users who have knowledge about its various aspects. Besides user forums, there are other resources available as well. If you are a developer, you should check out resources like Make WordPress, WordPress Codex, WordPress Developer Resources and more.

Options, so many options

When it comes to customization, WordPress reigns supreme. Whether it is themes or plugins, you have the world at your fingertips with this platform; you can create just about anything you want. WordPress gives you the freedom to create some of the most unique websites ever, because of the plain and simple versatility of it.
WordPress keeps the user in mind, and understands that everyone will have different needs; although the requirements will broadly be the same, it is the combinations and variations that make each user unique in his own way. This is the biggest advantage of using WordPress, which is what contributes to its vast use in e-Commerce.

WordPress is a very flexible, scalable, and versatile platform. It takes care of user requirements, security, variety, and all kinds of website requirements. Hence, it has become a very popular choice for e-Commerce platforms. It is extremely easy to use, and keeps receiving useful updates regularly. No wonder it is one of the most loved CMS platforms out there. As e-commerce continues its incredible growth, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing WordPress eCommerce theme to set up shop on the web.

How to Choose the Best WordPress eCommerce Theme

Maybe you’ve already got your store up and running but something about it just doesn’t look right. Maybe you’re still in the planning stages and need a little help choosing a best WordPress eCommerce theme.
In this article, we’re going to show you what to look for in a best WordPress eCommerce theme and where you can find some great options online.

Ensure Compatibility with Your E-Commerce Plugin

If you’re running a WordPress online store, you’re almost certainly using an e-commerce plugin.

WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes.The de facto standard in e-commerce plugins is WooCommerce, recently purchased by Automattic. If you’re using a less popular WordPress e-commerce plugin like WP eCommerce or Jigoshop, be sure to check your theme’s description carefully to be sure it’s compatible.

To instill buyer confidence, your online store should offer a consistent look and feel. If your theme and e-commerce plugin are not compatible, your store may technically work but offer a confusing user experience.

You can end up with problems such as broken layouts, missing sidebars, unstyled content and inconsistent use of colors and fonts – all factors that deter potential purchasers.

Confirm the theme looks good on Mobile Devices

Nearly half of the traffic to your online store will come from mobile devices so your site simply has to look attractive and function properly when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

Most of the newer e-commerce themes are designed with mobile in mind, but look for buzzwords like the following in theme descriptions to be sure:

A mobile responsive theme adapts its look in response to the size of the viewing screen rather than making the user pinch and zoom on their smartphone or tablet.

responsive web design

An example of responsive web design from Wikipedia.

Most themes allow you to test and preview them through an online demo. Try a demo out on your desktop, then slowly shrink your browser window to make it narrower. You’ll get a quick feel for how the theme looks on a variety of screen sizes. For extra reassurance, you can load it on your smartphone or use a responsive browser plugin to test more extensively.

Selecting WordPress eCommerce Theme – Look for Easily Customization Options

Face it, you’ve got a business to run and your day-to-day tasks shouldn’t have to include editing code in text files. Good WordPress e-commerce theme allows user to easily customize look and feel to suit their store’s style and brand.

Often found in a theme options panel area – or in the native WordPress theme customizer – your theme should, at a minimum, allow you to customize your logo and site colors. It’s also very handy if it allows you to select from a selection of freely available Google fonts.

You’ll find a number of common extra features in premium themes such as the following:

  • Drag-and-drop page creators
  • Product sliders
  • Retina image support
  • Social widgets
  • Custom content areas

Remember, when you’re using a pre-made theme it’s important to be able to differentiate yourself from other websites using the same theme so customization is crucial.

Free Theme or Premium Theme? Theme Directory

Free themes at the Theme Directory.

When it comes to free WordPress eCommerce theme, the selection on off for Your Online Storer is limited. Searching for ecommerce at the Theme Directory currently yields only 63 matches, and you’ll need to read the theme descriptions carefully to ensure compatibility with your plugin.

If you’re willing to go the premium theme route, you’ll have access to a greater selection and most sellers also provide excellent support and security updates.

Our own e-commerce theme – e-Shopper Pro – is one such premium option. It’s a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, WooCommerce-compatible theme packed full of custom features, with support available through CyberChimps Plus.

e-shopper pro theme

e-Shopper Pro Theme

If you’re running WooCommerce, the freely-downloadable Storefront theme boasts 350,000+ downloads and is an interesting mix of both free and paid options. The base theme is 100% free, and you can purchase Storefront Extensions or Storefront Child Themes to easily customize the design or add functionality like pricing tables and hero sections on an ad hoc basis.
The Bottom Line – Choosing an ecommerce WordPress Theme
Of course we can’t tell you the very best WordPress eCommerce theme for your online store, that’s a matter of personal taste. We have, however, given you a number of things to consider when you’re in the market for a quality e-commerce theme.

Let’s recap – whether you choose a free or premium theme, make sure it’s compatible with your e-commerce plugin, is mobile-friendly and is easy to customize.

WordPress Ecommerce Website Examples

If you are nervous about using WordPress for your new e-commerce site, then stop worrying – you are in good company.

Here are some examples of large global retail giants that use WordPress to power their ecommerce site –
a family-owned multinational footwear manufacturer & retailer with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. In terms of sheer volume, it is easily the largest shoemaker retailer in the world, selling 1 million shoes everyday.

Marks and Spencer for Business
U.K.’s popular retail giant has its business website set up using WordPress.

Free and Premium E-Commerce WP Themes

Do you plan to develop an eCommerce site? Then now that you are familiar with what to look for in an eCommerce project, check out these great eCommerce WordPress Themes that will give you a headstart to your project.
These themes will not only add great color to your website, but it will also provide you with amazing eCommerce elements. SEO enabled, retina enabled, etc. are some other features you should look out for. Using these themes for your website is an easy task and customization is nothing to worry about. You do not need to know any part of HTML or PHP coding.
All you need to do is buy the theme and apply it. And guess what the list also enlists some awesome FREE ecommerce themes too.

Merchandiser – WooCommerce Theme

merchandiser WP theme
If you want to set up an online store, then this is the simple, fast and reliable theme. With this eCommerce WordPress theme, you will get a chance to offer a clean and minimalistic design of a shopping web page. It gets loaded fast and has an excellent backup support team. In this theme, you can see the extended Shop Catalog option and load more option or the pagination. We all know that the shopping lists are unending and the more you search, the craving for the shopping increases. You also can have an off-canvas view of the selected item. The theme is fully functional with the WooCommerce, the most popular plugin. With all this, the theme provides varied options like coupon codes, shopping options, business reports, currency options and much more.

Material – Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a simple and elegant theme. It is a fully responsive theme which fits to all the devices of various sized screens. It is a WooCommerce based theme which comes with three beautiful home pages. The theme has slider revolution and visual composer plugin which gives an excellent viewing experience. This theme is multi-vendor e-commerce ready theme.

Positive Vibes – eCommerce WordPress theme

Positive Vibes eCommerce WordPress theme
This is a 100% responsive eCommerce WordPress theme which can be customized from 3 beautiful skins. The magazine element can add smooth effects like the masonry effect. Already built in is the contact us section and a full-width photo slider. You can easily add a Recent post widget to the theme and lo behold you should see your latest posts highlighted and easy to reach. It is very easy to modify the font size and font types. Google fonts are also available with this theme. This is compatible with many e-commerce platforms. One of them being WooCommerce. The drag, drop and adapt feature can let you modify small parts of the website with ease and with minute details.

The Retailer – WordPress eCommerce Theme

The Retailer WP theme
It is a fully responsive theme. It has a visual composer page builder, which attracts the viewers. Setting up this theme is very easy. There are advanced options for the online shopping experience. It also supports WooCommerce plugin. So, you can monetize your site quickly. In this theme, various shippable or downloadable products are available which can be bought and sold online. You can sell the products in different variants, such as color, size. There are customer reviews which attract the sell and profits as well.

e-Shopper Pro – WP theme for online stores

e-Shopper Pro WordPress Theme
Typically most themes falter because there is no search possible across the website. But not this one. This eCommerce WordPress theme focus on both primary and advanced search features. You can display a mini cart and in order to highlight your menu, you could put it in 3 different locations. WooCommerce widget is readily available and fetches the latest products instantly. The images can pop out in a light box or a carousel. Widgets for video slider and image slider are built in. You can very easily upload your logo and it will be displayed on your website.

Amory – eCommerce WP Theme

Amory eCommerce WordPress Theme
It is a modern design of a blog which is fully responsive and fits the devices of various sizes. There are new options for scroll menu and social share options. You can showcase various photos and images and sell them online. It provides wooCommerce full-width version and the wooCommerce version with sidebars. Both these things help the customer to search the option and buy the products.

ShopFront – WP Theme with Slider

ShopFront eCommerce WordPress theme
This comes with the full-width CyberChimps slider. A header within a header is possible with a simple configuration. This is referred to as a doubleheader. Mobile friendly and SEO optimized. Smart grid available at your footer can include links to certain pages that your customers find handy.

Handy – WordPress WooCommerce theme

This is a Handmade Shop WordPress WooCommerce theme. It is a fully responsive theme which is available on all the devices of various sizes. You can customize the layouts and colors on this theme as per your liking. It includes the revolution slider. There are many other features like charts, the banner which helps sale on the online store. The eCommerce WordPress theme provides page builder which can be customized as per requirement.

Iconwish – SEO friendly WP Theme

There are 2 homepage options to choose from. The first one is a masonry style. Selecting a categorizing the products on filters your device to choose from. The second homepage is more of a portfolio style. Search is possible based on category or website wide. Social media connect is built into the website. The simple widget can add this functionality. Responsive and SEO friendly this theme will be ideal for small and medium-size businesses.

Polaris – Commerce WP theme for fashion store

Polaris - eCommerce WP theme for fashion store
A 2-columned eCommerce WordPress theme ideal for fashion, clothes e-commerce websites. It is a responsive theme as well. It gives a catalog feel to the website. A slew of products rendered in a grid will combine both the visual aspect while providing the cost without any clicks. You can highlight your offers and sort these items by the filter you choose. And yes! The woocommerce plugin is compatible with this theme.

Make – Impressive Theme for Online Store

As the name suggests it is an impressive theme which can be used for the purpose of establishing online store. It incorporates the drag and drop page builder and lots of other options. It provides customization options for colors, header, logo, and menu. The theme supports featured image header and left sidebars. The column numbers on theme can changed from one, two, three or four. This theme is also translation ready and fully responsive theme.

Lemon – Responsive WordPress Theme

Lemon is a responsive theme. It is a clean and responsive WordPress theme. It is flexible yet responsive and hence works best on any device with any resolution and orientation. This is a theme which is SEO friendly and ideal for e-commerce features. You can adapt this website for multiple homepages, multiple layout options, multiple/single headers without the knowledge of any code.

Labomba – Feature-rich WordPress Theme

The most important and unique feature of this theme is that it has multilingual support built into the theme. Just selecting the language of your choice for your website dependent on the geography of your is a trivial task. To further enhance the capabilities of this website google API is built into this theme. You just need to enter your API key and you are all set. This apart from the e-commerce capabilities of the website renders this theme indispensable. And if you already were wondering, yes this is WPML certified.

Teriffico – Elegant WordPress eCommerce theme

This is a simple, elegant WordPress eCommerce theme. It is fully responsive and it combines a stylish design with an advanced functionality. There are lots of customization options such as color, logo, menu, images and sliders. This theme supports various fonts including Google font. one can customize the number of columns as well. It is a translation and retina ready theme. In this theme, you have threaded comments so, you can communicate with your customers easily

Savoy – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Savoy eCommerce WordPress Theme
This has a minimalist design which many people look for. You can easily embed your product feature videos without much hassle. This is very touching device friendly. You can have your blog set up as a grid or list whichever you choose. Already built into the theme is a possibility to store a wishlist according to every individual. For a premium, you can also buy a drag and drop page builder. Another important aspect of this theme is automatic updates.

Oxygen – WooCommerce Theme

This is a WooCommerce theme. This is ideal for building a shopping website. Slider revolution is included as a free component which is otherwise available at a premium with other themes. This website is retina ready. And with a simple configuration, it can support multiple languages. Built into the theme are a view cart and checkout page.

TheShop – Easy-to-use WordPress Theme

The Shop
Very easy to use the theme with e-commerce widgets and plugins built in. This has a customizable homepage. A range of fonts to select from and of course colors to apply to your theme. This has a sliding image bar which shows prices and images of your products.

Mystile – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

This theme incorporates a full page view of the image, with which you can display the featured items, products or sales. Theme showcases various product categories which differentiate the products according to their characteristics, usage, and importance. There is an option to add to cart which helps the customer to shortlist the products and takes the decisions as per their wish and time.

Shapely- Modern WP Theme

This is a one page eCommerce WordPress theme. It has a plethora of customization options. Widgets are easily editable and can be added. Testimonials, contact us and product information can be easily added. WooCommerce plugin is readily available with this theme. The one-page design is also available with the theme.

Dazzling – Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a clean, modern and fully responsive theme. It is thus available on all the devices including mobiles, laptops, and tablets. It is supported with the wooCommerce so, the site can be monetized easily. This theme is meant for bloggers, photographers, green techies to explore their talent. You can customize the colors, slider and widget areas. The theme is also translation ready and SEO optimized.

EightStore Lite – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

8Store Lite
It is a multipurpose theme which makes use of various sidebars. The featured elements can be shown with the help of number of sliders. These sliders are helpful to distinguish between the categories of products and the sales. You can compose the theme including the videos showcasing the product’s advertisement. Online ordering and payment options are available on the theme.

Tyche – WP Theme for online store

If you want to establish an online store site, then this is the best option for you to start with, as this is the free WordPress eCommerce theme. his theme incorporates a full-page view of the image, with which you can display the featured items, products or sales. Theme showcases various product categories which differentiate the products according to their characteristics, usage, and importance. There is an option to add to cart which helps the customer to short list the products and takes the decisions as per their wish and time.

Allegiant – Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

This is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme. It can be used for any artist, professional or an agency. It has a full homepage slider, feature blocks, portfolios, services to showcase. You can customize lots of things like background, color, menu and the number of columns. The theme options are available to customize as well. The threaded comments can be seen with which you can communicate with the customer easily. This theme is translation ready so the content can be translated in any language.

Brilliance – WP Theme for Bloggers & Agencies

This theme is meant for varied customers like bloggers, agencies or professionals. It is a clean, elegant and responsive design. So, it can be made available on all the devices. This theme is compatible with wooCommerce, so you can monetize the site very easily. The theme has an option for customization of menu, background and styles. The full width template is available which can be used to feature the important elements on the site.

Transcend – Multiprupose eCommerce WP Theme

Transcend eCommerce WordPress Theme
This is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme. It can be used for any artist, professional or an agency. It has a full homepage slider, feature blocks, portfolios, services to showcase. You can customize lots of things like background, color, menu and the number of columns. The theme options are available to customize as well. The threaded comments can be seen with which you can communicate with the customer easily. This theme is translation ready so the content can be translated in any language.

itransform – Fully Responsive eCommerce WP Theme

i-transform WP Theme
This is the best theme to go for if you want to start with a online store. This is a fully responsive theme so, it is available on the devices with screens of various sizes. There are various options available for customization like header, menu, and styles. In this theme, you can have the option of changing the number of columns from one to two. 5 different color schemes are available in the theme which you can select and use. This is the clean and simple theme to use.

Nanoshop Lite – Modern WordPress Theme

This is a modern theme which is both responsive and ideal for commerce platforms. The footer is highly customizable. Here there are 4 different column options available with the theme to explore and use. The navigation works as a drop-down menu. It is WMPL compatible for multilingual support.

Intuition – Responsive WordPress Theme

Intution WP theme
This responsive theme available for displaying your wares and goods. It has features that let you feature your posts Comes with WooCommerce and is fully responsive plus retina enabled. The theme provides lots of options for customization like custom menu, column numbers, and sidebars. This is a translation ready theme with which content can be translated into various languages. The threaded comments can be made which help you to communicate with your customer easily.

Fruitful – eCommerce WordPress Theme

It is a fully responsive eCommerce WordPress theme with a clean, simple design. You can modify lots of styles and options as per your need. It is a translation ready theme, so, you can translate the content in various languages like German, French, Vietnamese etc. there are lots of customization options available such as logo, background, colors, header and menu positions etc. the theme works best with the WPML or wooCommerce plugin.

SaleJunction – WordPress theme for Online Business

Sale Junction eCommerce WordPress Theme
As the name suggests it is an excellent theme which can be used for the purpose of establishing an online business. The column numbers on a theme can be changed in this theme. This theme is also translation ready and fully responsive theme. You can digitally sell the products by displaying the featured elements. It provides customization option for colors. This theme is fully responsive and fits into any device and screen size.
While choosing a theme, make sure you are clear about how you want your website to appear. Just keep your dream picture about the website ready, and you can actually create that in front of you.

Have we missed anything? What sort of things do you look for in a good WordPress eCommerce theme? Let us know in the comments below.

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