6 Actionable Ways to Drive Conversions to Your WordPress Site

Finding ways to generate more traffic to your website is one of the most important aspects of growing a blog. You’re probably investing a lot of your time and money on optimizing blog posts for SEO and promoting them across social media to generate traffic.

But, are you making the most of your visitors? Do you have the right strategies in place to convert your traffic into leads? How are you growing your email list?

Your website’s lead generation strategy is just as important as traffic generation. Because, if all your website visitors abandon your site after reading a blog post, then all your efforts of crafting content and promotion will be lost.

In this post, we’ll show you a few simple strategies you can implement on your website to boost your conversions by 2X or even 3X. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Inline Optin Forms

Wouldn’t it be great if you can grab the attention of your visitors when they are immersed in your content or while reading a crucial part of a blog post to offer them a lead magnet or ask to join your email list?

This is exactly what you can do with inline optin forms. These forms allow you to embed your optin form in-between the paragraphs of your blog posts so that you can effectively capture your visitors without interfering with their user experience.


Embed optin forms work great when offering lead magnets like downloadable eBooks, case studies, and other content upgrades at the end of a blog post as well.

2. Setup Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent technology truly revolutionized the way you generate leads and grow email lists. This technology allows you to reduce bounce rate and capture website visitors who are about to leave your website.

Blogger Ryan Robinson managed to grow email subscribers by over 500% overnight after he setup an exit-intent popup on his website.

Once you setup an exit-intent popup, it will accurately predict when a visitor is about to leave your website and show an offer to convert them into a lead.


With the right offer and the right form, exit-intent popups can help you grow your email list and even boost sales. For example, you can turn those abandoning visitors into customers by offering a discount coupon when they are about to leave your online shop.

3. Optimize Website Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed plays an important role in your conversion rate. Did you know that 40% of your website visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Even Google uses your website’s loading speed as a ranking factor now.

Simply put, the faster your website loads, more visitors you’ll get and better chance you’ll have at generating leads. Now is the best time to start optimizing your website for speed.


Here’s how you can speed up your website:

  • WP Super Cache: Install a caching plugin to boost loading speed and reduce server resource usage.
  • Cloudflare: Setup a free CDN to deliver your website content based on the visitor’s geolocation.
  • HTTPS: Secure your website with an SSL certificate and switch to HTTPS.
  • AMP: Consider optimizing your website for mobile with the Accelerated Mobile Pages project to rank higher for mobile searches.

4. Use Sticky Floating Bars

Giving your website visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your email list at any time they want will increase your chances of generating more email subscribers.

You can get this job done by installing a floating bar that sticks to the top of the page no matter how far a user scrolls down on your website. This gives your visitors a chance to read your blog posts and subscribe whenever they like.


Since they take minimum space on the screen, sticky floating bars are much more effective at converting your mobile visitors. You can use your sticky headers as an optin form or place a button to drive your visitors to landing pages as well.

5. A/B Test Blog Post Titles

The title of your blog post is the most important element that drives traffic to your blog. It’s what helps people decide whether or not to view your blog post when they see a link on Google or social media.

You can attract more people to visit your blog by simply optimizing your blog post titles. The best way to find out which title works best for a blog post is to A/B test several different titles.

Title Experiments is a great free plugin you can use to test different titles. This plugin will help you create several different titles for your blog posts and test them to see which title attract the most attention to find the most effective title for your blog posts.

Writing more effective blog post titles will not only help improve your website click-through rate, but it will also improve conversions as well.

6. Build Landing Pages

Do you create new landing pages for each and every lead magnet you offer? According to studies, businesses see 55% increase in conversions when they create more landing pages.

Building landing pages used to be a difficult process. But, now you can setup a landing page all by yourself using page builder plugins.


Elementor is a free page building plugin you can use to easily setup landing pages and sales pages on your WordPress website. The plugin features a beginner-friendly drag and drop editor and comes with a library of pre-made templates you can use to create page designs instantly.
Over To You
Now that you know some of the best strategies to grow your email list and generate more traffic to your website, it’s up to you to choose the right methods that fit your blog and business.

So, keep looking for new strategies and experiment with new tools to improve your website’s conversions and sales.

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Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of WPBeginner, OptinMonster, WPForms, and other online businesses.

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