A Back to School Aid for … Plugins?

Periodic Table showing WordPress pluginsThere are a lot of plugins available for WordPress. A. Lot. Of. Plugins. So how do you keep track of all of them? Well, you don’t. But one interesting way of displaying the most popular plugins is the newly minted Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins.

Laid out like the periodic table of elements, this chart shows WordPress plugins sorted by rank (in order according to the number of downloads), along with a two-letter “symbol” and the name of the plugin in each of the cells in the periodic table. Clicking on a cell will open a popup that shows more detailed information including the name, the author, the version, the description, and the number of downloads. The name in the popup is a link that will open the plugin’s page on the WordPress.org repository, where you can find more information and download it if you’d like. The author’s name is also a link and will take you to their website. It appears that the information is updated dynamically, so I’m betting that positions in the table change from time to time.

While popularity may not mean that a plugin will work for your particular situation, it is a good measure of how well it’s been tested in real world conditions. Getting familiar with which plugins are in this table and what they do is information that could serve you well down the road. Consider this a distraction if you wish, but it’s also a great source of information and a learning tool. Enjoy!

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