8 Popular Plugins for WordPress User Management

While using WordPress, you must be aware that you can add users with different roles. These include members that can be administrators, authors, contributors, subscribers, and plain users.

These different roles are in place because, as an administrator, you need to be able to control who plays what role as far as posting content on your website goes. You surely cannot give complete access to all members, least someone who isn’t very familiar with the working does something that can be detrimental to your website.

Managing everyone’s roles can be quite a task, especially if you are running a heavy content website. Fortunately, there are quite a few WordPress user management plugins that help you manage all your users pretty easily and without any complications. As such, here’s a list of the eight most popular WordPress plugins for you to manage your users. Take your pick…

8 Useful Plugins to Manage WordPress Users


1. New User Approve

New User Approve

When you open your WordPress site for registration, anyone can register. That’s why this is one of those most important plugins that you would need to install, so that you can moderate and approve registration requests. Only once the admin decides to approve a registration will an email go to the user with the login credentials.

2. User Role Editor

User Role Editor

This plugin allows additional functionalities for controlling user roles as an admin. It is really easy to use; all you have to do is select the required check boxes of respective users with the desired roles, and update the user profile. This way handling users and their rights become very simple. What’s more? You can also create new user roles with their own sets of capabilities.

3. User Switching

User Switching

When you are using different accounts on your WordPress website, you may often need to switch between accounts for carrying out different tasks. This plugin allows you to switch between accounts very easily. After activation, you just need to use the switch button and get the job done. By default, it works only for the site admin, but you can grant similar access to other users as you wish.

4. Delete Me

Delete Me

This one is for the users. There may be cases where a user needs to delete his or her account, posts, and comments from your website. This plugin makes the job pretty simple for them. With just one click it would allow a user to completely delete their profile. It also allows admins to change default settings and asking users’ confirmations for the same.

5. User Access Manager

User Access Manager

If, as an admin, you are handling multiple writers, and want to restrict their roles of writing in only some specific areas, get this plugin. It helps you create a user group, and set the desired rights accordingly. It allows separate access for different users. Setting up rights for a group couldn’t get any simpler.

6. WP-Members


WordPress allows your content to be viewed by all, by default. If you are running a membership website, you may want to restrict access to your content and particular areas to registered users only. You can control the settings and restrict some of the content as desired. Users need to put in their email, address, and phone number for registration; you can customize registration feels as per your needs.

7. Members


This is another simple-to-use WordPress plugin for managing user roles. For different users, you can grant access for post creation, editing, deleting, and so on. Besides, it also lets you set various permission controls so that specific content is available to desired users.

8. Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager

If you need complete control over users, like allowing different users access to different areas of your website, such as posts, categories, menus, widgets, plugins, etc., this is a must-have plugin. It lets you have complete control with much ease. It also allows you to limit login tries, access to specific files, besides letting you track the activities of those users who have logged in.

With these plugins, managing WordPress users has never been so easy and hassle-free. As an admin, you need multiple users to run and contribute to your website, each with their own roles and tasks. Choose the plugin(s) as per your needs, control your website and its usage according to your liking, besides allowing users to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities.

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  • Jenny Mark says:

    Hello, Susmita!
    It is an interesting article. The list of the plugins is great. Is is possible for us create our own registration form in WordPress or we have to use some plugins for that?

    • Susmita says:

      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks. Glad that you liked the article.
      And yes we can create our own custom registration form in WordPress.

  • Ketan says:

    I Want To make user Profile Where user can create or login on their cpanel account, can you suggest any plugin ?

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