Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins for your Site

Displaying relevant, informative video content on your WordPress site is a brilliant way to engage with your readers. And you can do this by selecting appropriate themes and plugins.

But having a video gallery means you can showcase several clips at any one time to your users. Galleries are also a great way to save space and make your page look lively and interesting.

The audience for WordPress and your video gallery is potentially huge. More than 74.6 million sites on the internet depend on WordPress which is nearly 19% of all websites.

Before we head out to our list of 8 best WordPress video gallery plugins, let’s take a quick look on how to choose the right plugin.

How to choose the best WordPress video gallery plugin

There are several factors you should consider while browsing through the popular video plugins –

The top priorities are speed, ease of use and how intuitive it is. These are the top three things any user will be looking for when they come to view your WordPress video gallery. Choosing the right video gallery plugin can not only improve the overall look of your website but it can also improve user experience and keep them coming back for more.

And with more than 29,000 WordPress plugins, you could spend hours searching through these plugins to find the right WordPress video gallery plugin for your website.

So we’ve taken the hard work out of it.

Here are some of the best WordPress video gallery plugins available as well as a handy how-to guide to making sure you choose the best plugin for your website.

Top 8 best WordPress video gallery plugins


1. GridFX – The Complete Video Gallery plugin

GridFX - WordPress video gallery pluginGridFX is really the best in WordPress video gallery plugins. This plugin is incredibly customizable and lets you create an unlimited number of grids which you can use to display your videos.

This fully responsive video gallery uses a grid layout within a box to showcase videos on your WordPress site.

GridFX comes with a host of features like:-

  • Fully responsive, so your video gallery looks great across all devices
  • Integration with all social networking sites. Use videos straight from your YouTube account.
  • Fully customizable with more than 80 customization options
  • Translation ready
  • Easy sorting through likes and votes. So your most popular videos are the most prominent in your gallery.
  • Easy install. Just activate it and then use [gridfx] shortcode markup.

This WP video gallery plugin supports Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, mp4, Flv, WMV video URLs. You can make your video gallery stand out by mixing your content with both video and still images.
Check out GridFx

2. Yottie YouTube Plugin – WordPress Gallery for YouTube

YouTube WordPress Plugin
Yottie is a responsive WordPress plugin developed especially for YouTube, so if you need a video plugin to show your Youtube Videos only, then this is best for you.
It allows you to select your YouTube channels, single videos and allows you to create your own YouTube playlist too.

Yottie’s features –

    • 100+ Adjustable Parameters
    • 4 color schemes so you can tweak it based on your website’s theme
    • Translation Support for 16 languages

Check out Yottie

3. Gallery Video – Free Video Plugin

WordPress video gallery plugin

Gallery Video allows you to create as many video galleries as you need. There is no limit to the amount you can add to your WordPress video gallery. It comes with features like:-

      • Full responsiveness to allow your users to view the gallery on phones, tablets or desktop computers.
      • Option to add a title and description to each of your videos in the wp video gallery.
      • 7 different ways to show videos including a popup, content slider, lightbox video gallery, video slider, thumbnails, justified gallery view and blog style view.
      • Hundreds of design options to change font colors, size, and effects.
      • Full integration with YouTube and Vimeo so you can take your videos from those sites and embed them.
      • Gallery video is simple to use and can be used by anyone with even basic knowledge just by adding the shortcode.

4. YourChannel – Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugin

Your Channel - WordPress video gallery pluginIf you’ve got a Youtube channel full of videos and you need a simple way to embed them into your WordPress video gallery, then YourChannel is the answer. Rather than your users leaving your web page to click through to your YouTube account, you can use this WordPress video gallery plugin to showcase all your videos in playlists on your website.

To use YourChannel, all you have to do is tell the plugin your YouTube username or channel ID. And it does all the hard work for you!

It is only compatible with YouTube videos and displays a banner image, profile picture, and YouTube username, the number of video views, uploads, and playlists. You can turn on or off each of these functions so your video gallery shows what you want it to. It is fully responsive and translation ready.

5. Robo Gallery – An Advanced Video Gallery Plugin

Robo gallery - WordPress video gallery plugin

Robo Gallery is another in our list of the best WordPress video gallery plugins. It is fully responsive and has the ability to batch upload content to save you time. It features auto resizing for thumbnails and images as well as fade effects between clips. There are 15 customizable hover effects for the video gallery plugin. You can even create a “Polaroid style” gallery for your content.

It is set up to be shareable on social media and works in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. It has a classic gallery layout and there is the option to add in mobile touch support.
Robo Gallery also has a pro version which includes a grid layout and the ability to integrate the gallery into the WordPress widget.

It is so simple to use its creators claim even a WordPress “newbie” will be able to install it.

6. Huzzaz Video Gallery – Create Galleries with Simple Drag and Drop System

Huzzaz Videos - WordPress video gallery pluginHuzzaz is another from our list of WordPress video gallery plugins. It gives your website embedded video with no technical know-how.

YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported on this wp plugin. You can collect your videos using a drag and drop system rather than needing to use the WordPress admin panel.

You can search for individual videos within your video gallery and it is a full responsive video gallery. There is automatic HD playback. Huzzaz comes with custom colors and design features so you can customize your video gallery for your website. This video gallery plugin is supported on https:// websites. It will automatically play videos even in a pop out gallery which creates a video gallery in a new window.

7. Gallery Box – Add Unlimited Galleries and Effects

Gallery box - WordPress video gallery pluginThis WordPress video gallery plugin supports YouTube and Vimeo videos as well as integrating images into the video gallery. There are adaptable hover effects and the whole plugin is responsive and touch-friendly.

8. Photo Video Gallery Master – The Perfect Responsive Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Photo video gallery master - WordPress video gallery pluginThis responsive WordPress video gallery can show unlimited galleries. And with a batch content upload feature it will save you time as well. It has a two column layout and various font styles so you can customize your video gallery for your website. You can add labels, descriptions and external links to your wp video gallery.

With the pro version of this WordPress video gallery plugin, you get 100% responsive design and up to four columns to use as a layout for your videos. You can import Vimeo or YouTube videos straight into the plugin, it comes with 500 fonts and is translation ready. The responsive design means the pro version of Photo Video Gallery Master is compatible with all devices. However, to use it as a video gallery on your website you need to use the pro version.

9. Gallery Pro – Add Unlimited Videos to your Gallery

Gallery Pro - WordPress video gallery pluginWith this WordPress video gallery plugin, you can add unlimited videos onto your website. There are two layouts available. Also, you can choose from three different color schemes and various fonts to suit your website design.

It allows you to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well as being translation ready. With the pro version of this WP video gallery plugin, you also get a responsive design and multiple shortcodes.

You can check out premium versions of this gallery plugin too over here.


So in conclusion, these 8 WordPress video gallery plugins with a wide array of features are a great option for any website on WordPress. With a wide variety of plugin options available, choose a plugin that best suits your business needs for optimal success.

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  • Tim says:

    Ok I have a question about videos and Word Press. We have a subscription based website and recently purchased a plug-in called Envira Gallery. It’s very robust BUT, there is one issue we didn’t foresee. If we upload to Vimeo and then use the embed code on our site the Vimeo video MUST be publicly viewable and that just doesn’t work when you’re trying to encourage growth in membership with protected content.

    So, which one of the programs you’ve reviewed above will allow us to use Vimeo and still keep our content protected from public view so only our members can view our educational videos?

  • Martin says:

    GridFX worked the best for me and I still believe it’s the best option.
    Best things about it: fully responsive and with decent translation attached for the ones looking to use it on foreign websites.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad that you liked GridFx :)

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