5 Popular WordPress Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system; this being an understatement. It is so user-friendly, and that’s one of the main reasons that has made it so immensely popular. But after more than a decade, it still lacks one basic feature, that of table creation.

Tables are something most website and content developers need from time to time on a regular basis. But since WordPress doesn’t have this functionality, that doesn’t mean we cannot create tables. You bet we can. While manually adding tables remains an option, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, and can be really frustrating and filled with unwanted errors. But there are some amazing plugins that help us with this basic, yet important task.

Here are 5 of the best WordPress table plugins that will help you get the job done in no time, without breaking a sweat.

5 Best Plugins to Create Tables in WordPress

Visual Table Formatting Lite

This is one of the most new-user-friendly plugins out there for creating tables in WordPress. It is very easy to input data, and all editing can be done in the post editor itself.

After installing the plugin, its button will appear on the editing page. You can click on it, and over multiple cells set your table dimensions, color, fonts, besides inputting the required data.

This plugin is free, and an upgrade to the pro version costs $18 to get many more features. It is very basic, user-friendly, and good for new users. A lot of customization could become tedious.

Easy Table

Easy TableThis plugin is pretty popular and different too. You can install it and create a table right from the editor interface. In the editor, type [table] and simply enter your data using commas to make different columns, and spaces to make different rows.

This free plugin does not have many color options, but it allows customized CSS, sorting, and CSV file imports. It also allows you to set rowspans and colspans either globally or for individual columns and cells.

Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables

Another free WordPress plugin for tables, Ultimate Tables can be installed and used by going to settings and clicking on ‘Create New Table’. Go to edit and then start entering your table data.

You can even customize the look of the table with some preset skins. There is some nice styling, pagination, sorting, and search option. Only thing with this free plugin is that you cannot import or export data.



Now for the most popular table plugin as far as WordPress is concerned – TablePress. After installation, you’ll need to add new table page, add the name and description of the table, and then select the required number of columns and rows.

Next, the interface will be like a spreadsheet, where you can enter data for each cell. Formatting text is also possible in this free table plugin. Importing a table is also possible through HTML, XLS, XLSX, CSV, and JSON formats.

This free plugin has a search option, spanning, filtering, pagination, and multilingual support.



If you are looking for great detail, then this premium plugin is the way to go. It has a lot of customization options, and also allows imports. There is no option to create a table from the WordPress edit interface, so you’ll have to go with the import option using CSV, MySQL queries, XML, JSOn, or Excel.

In the settings, you can customize is a great way. This plugin costs $28, but with the amount of customization options available, it is worth every penny. You can render charts from table data, copy to clipboard, or even print stuff out. Supported by more than 40 different languages and unlimited styling options, this plugin allows you to create the perfect customized and responsive table.

So there you have it, a wide range to choose from. To summarize, if you are looking for a lot of customization, and are ready to spend a little, go for wpDataTables. If you want something simple and easy to use try TablePress, Easy Table, VTFL, or Ultimate Tables. Choose according to your needs and never have to worry about creating tables ever again in the ever popular WordPress.

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