20 Time-Saving Freebies Every Designer Will Love

Productivity is super, super crucial for professional web designers and developers.

Don’t you agree?

You end up spending a whole lot of time scouting for quality resources to complete projects on time for your clients. If you have access to a reasonable amount of good quality resources though, its all downhill from there!

Here’s one of the most useful round-ups of time-saver resources for web designers. It’s carefully put-together with one single goal – improve the quality of deliverables and save time.

Swanky Material Pattern designs

time-saving freebies

What is the most preferred way to blend backgrounds? The obvious answer is using material designs!
We have a pack consisting of awesome tiled patterns which can be directly used as backgrounds or customized according to your website theme.

You can use these backgrounds as-is or tweak them according to your varied needs and requirements. Your clients are surely not going to be disappointed with these awesome patterns.

Vintage vector badges

time-saving freebies

One of the biggest keys to running an online business is winning the trust factor with your customers. Establishing trust online is not an easy task. You are sitting miles away and have no direct contact with them. If you want to have a success story over the web, you must cater to this need of your readers and also find ways to communicate it effectively and in a timely manner.

One of the few proven ways of ensuring trust is by using badges. For e.g. if you were to go to an e-commerce website, you will be looking out for the “secure” payment indications. Badges do this effectively for you. And what’s better, if you have a pack of badges with a vintage look that exude royalty. You can use these badges as posters, headers or even as web elements for general navigation. Grab this pack of vintage badges here.

Psychedelic Flowers Vector Pack

time-saving freebies

Vectors are evergreen. If you are a designer, you are always short of them. Here is a 49-flower vector pack which is bound to mesmerize your clients with vivacious colors and artistic patterns. You can use it to create some pretty cool cards, party invitations and much more. This high quality vector pack has some very different floral elements.  They can serve to add an aesthetic touch to your website and set a positive vibe for your readers.

App menu design

time-saving freebies

There are 1.4 billion people (as of 2015) who use Android phones. Which is why it is not surprising that web designers need to do a lot of Android App designing. Working on it each time from scratch is time consuming and literally like re-inventing the wheel.

To make things simpler and quicker, DealFuel has got you a super freebie which gets you a side menu design PSD. It has a collection of cool menu items like settings, add to cart, add to contact, images, calendar, help and many more. The menu elements are fully customizable and allow you to tweak them according to your needs and requirements. The app menu is easy to work with and can be used for your commercial projects as well.

Modern Free Font

time-saving freebies

One can never undermine the importance of fonts. The look of a webpage can dramatically change with the change in the choice of font used. Choosing the right font for a website can be a daunting task.

Here is a clean and modern font that will help eliminate monotonic appearance and add a new vibe to your website. That’s not all; you can easily use these fonts and incorporate them into your header style, or use it for your regular content or use it to create your client’s logo.

Vintage typefaces

time-saving freebies

Vintage is always trendy. Vintage is always loved. Vintage is a life-saver. You can never go wrong with a vintage design. After all, the past is intriguing and evokes nostalgia.

Using these typefaces, you can transport the viewers into the past and dazzle them. You can use these typefaces to create badges, logotypes, headings, old school style typography and much more. These typefaces are available in .jpg and .ttf formats, and you can use them for your personal as well as commercial projects.

Login screen UI designs for Andriod Lollipop

time-saving freebies

Check out this Login page. Oh dear! This doesn’t even look as if it is finished, does it? Imagine you doing something similar for your clients? You can very well bid your contract bye-bye.
Now take a look at the above design.

  • A clean look with a subtle background.
  • A clear title.
  • A nice big call to action button.

Not only that, it is also adorned with options, which allows you to login using social media. Nothing can go wrong with this one. You get 10 such classic login screen designs for free here. These UI designs provide you the absolute freedom to let your imagination unfurl and provide your clients and users a suave login screen. What more can you ask for?

Responsive mega menu in CSS3

time-saving freebies

Most of the websites have a variety of options to display; especially e-commerce websites. These sites require mega drop down menus to manage product categories on their websites. To get a handy responsive mega menu is not a walk in the park. To top it off, it is more difficult to find a generic menu, which can be used on any website.

If you are in need of one such mega menu, you are in luck. Here’s a responsive mega menu of the MacGyver type. It can be used as a drop-down navigator or as a multipurpose mega menu or both! It is compatible with all major browsers, the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The best thing about is that even if you have a very basic knowledge about designing, you can still use it effortlessly.

A PSD template designed for an educational website

time-saving freebies

Probably every new project requires a sassy PSD template. And if you are on a budget then what can be better than a free PSD template? This is specially created to cater to the education sector. You can use this design to create websites for schools, colleges, online courses, educational video sites, etc. This PSD can be easily converted to WordPress, HTML, or any CMS! Get your hands on this one and impress your clients with an extremely usable websites.

A bundle of time saving freebies

time saving freebies

Give your creativity an extra boost with these textures, vector illustrations and other vectors. As a designer it is essential to grab quality resources that come your way. You never know which one will be a perfect fit. These vectors will be apt for so many types of designs – be it newsletters, posters, cards, invitations or even websites. These resources can find numerous applications in all types of projects. You can use the textures for your website background, header or use them to design simple ad templates.  Apart from goodies such as free textures, fonts and icons, there are also many other awesome little time saving freebies available in this pack. These resources can significantly improve a designer’s workflow and save oodles of time.

The Deck Stack V2 – Free Proposal & Presentation Slides

The Deck Stack Version 2 – Free Proposal & Presentation Slides

The Deck Stack – Version 2 Keynote and PowerPoint Presentation Templates are an awesome proposal and presentation templates that help sell, impress and make you look good.
Download these free presentation templates with 2 PowerPoint files, 2 Keynote files, 30 slides, stock photos, and free fonts included. Download it for free, and use it FOREVER!

77 Essential Icons

77 Essential Icons

This free set of 77 minimal outline icons are sure to brighten up your mornings.

  • Infinitely scalable vectors
  • Pixel perfect precision
  • Easily change the colour of any icon
  • AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG and icon font included

Social Flat Icons Set

Social Flat Icons Set

Social flat icons set is a lovely free icon set created by Christophe Kerebel. You can download and use it for free in your personal designs.

This icon set comes with .sketch, .ai, .svg file formats which means that you can use these icons with Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and on your website.

Social Media Mockup Free PSD

Social Media Mockup Free PSD

These pixel perfect free Social Media Mockups look beautiful and are constructed in such a way that you will have a lot of creative control over the final look of the finished product.

This Social Media Mockup Free Bundle Includes

  • Facebook Page Mockup
  • Twitter Profile Page Mockup
  • YouTube Channel Page Mockup

You can use these mockups to pitch and present new designs or campaigns to your clients who want to re-design their social media profiles.

Free Isometric iPad Pro Mockup

Free Isometric iPad Pro Mockup

The Isometric iPad Pro Mockups can be used to present your responsive UI designs, and showcase your web and app design projects. With iPad Pro being the flagship tablet from Apple, and having the highest market share amongst all the tablets, the number of apps and websites designed for iPad has increased tremendously in the recent years.

Peace Sans

Peace Sans

Peace Sans is an awesome free bold typeface including full glyphs support for: Basic Latin, West European diacritics, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, and Cyrillic. You can download and use it for free in your personal designs.

This font is featured by regular shapes and pixel-perfect curves, and can be used for logotypes and branding.

So go ahead and add peace and love to your designs, and make your projects unique!

Duma Font

Duma Font

DUMA is a free sans-serif font that is characterized with long legs and very extended. Each character was individually made in Illustrator using basic geometric shapes.

UI Style Guide

UI Style Guide

UI Style Guide includes web elements and their states (active, hover, disabled etc) to be used in your web project. This style guide comes in two variants – Light & Dark, that you can choose as per your theme.

  • Light and Dark Versions
  • 300+ Elements
  • Adobe XD
  • Element State

It includes 15 elements categories: color swatch, typography, buttons, dropdowns, text fields, icons, pagination, selectors, popovers, tooltip, breadcrumbs, batches & labels, alerts, progress bars, and sliders.

Vonn Material Design UI Kit Freebie

Vonn Material Design UI Kit Freebie

This is a free small version of the awesome Vonn Material Design UI Kit. If you don’t know yet about it, it’s an awesome collection of 100 drag and drop UI templates, organized in 8 different categories and designed at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

One thing worth, mentioning is that Vonn fully respects Google’s Material Design guidelines: style, layout, and components.

Portland UI Kit Freebie

Portland UI Kit Freebie

Portland is a beautiful UI kit that combines elegance and usability, and it surely is one of the must-have tools you need in your collection!

The free sample includes some basic elements (header, hero slider, navigation menus, pagination, etc) that you can use to build awesome interfaces, and makes things easy for designers.

This UI Kit is completely pixel perfect, very neat and clean with 2 Column Bootstrap Grid. All components are vector based, fully compatible and editable. Layers are well-organized, carefully named and grouped.

Leave us a comment below if you have found our collection of time-saving freebies useful.

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