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    I\’ve purchase a couple themes already from CyberChimps and am quite happy with them. This time, I redid my own portfolio site using Business Lite:

    Only thing I couldn\’t figure out is how to slow down the slider, but due to financial constraints (seems like I would have to go Pro?), I decided to live with it, increasing the size of the PAUSE button to address that. I\’m sure the secret is in there somewhere and I\’ll find it some day!

    Feedback welcome!


    Andre Lefebvre



    I just made a site and tried to match it to the Response theme:

    I think I’ve done ok considering I had virtually no site building experience. Two questions:

    1: How do I make my link icons appear darker on hover as on the blog.

    2:How do I make the Response theme the theme for my whole site?

    Best Wishes



    We Use the iFeature Pro for our book review site. We love it. I have only been using it for a short while now. Portland Book Review



    If you stop in please leave me a message and say hi and let me know what you think. I am always trying to keep the links fresh and readable so the site does not get stale, I am always open to fresh ideas. I’ll also do the same for you. Just leave a comment on one of the quotes or image posts and I’ll see it.



    I used IFeature for a activism website that promotes the legalization of cannabis.

    It has worked very well, I have had to use PHP 5.2 and Ive made some adjustments to the W3TC cache plugin to get it to work right.  But it does work perfectly as far as I can tell so far.  This is our 3rd week using the theme, and I am impressed with it’s flexibility.

    Good work!

    See our site at:





    Really loving this theme, the support and the customization it offers. I’m busy building two sites with it. See the complete one below




    Nice work, Grant! You know you can change the font color in the footer to a darker one? As well the padding in the footer can be altered so its content isn’t flush to the edge? Same with the color of the linked font for the Facebook plugin. I’m pretty sure all this can be done via your editor in the admin panel…

    Have a great day!












    I’m working a lot to personalize my website with Eclipse Pro.

    Please, have a look and enjoy  at :



    My main site is built in the free version of iFeature (with mods, but before learning about child themes)

    As are these:
    (I used another slideshow in this, which has a fixed width, so it doesn’t resize in vertical tablet or mobile.  Will fix this very soon.)

    Currently in progress, one other free version site and a number of iFeature Pro sites. Also have CyberChimp Pro and iFeature Pro 5, but have yet to explore them in detail.



    Thanks for the input creativeforge

    looking a little better now



    I just finished this super quick single-pager using ThemeID’s Responsive. Libra Global Partners. Client needed to consolidate info from 3 different sites before a public speaking engagement. When the pressure is off her we’ll go back and do something a little more traditional. Feeling kind of proud of this one for some reason, so I thought I’d show it off while I can before it gives way to something new.




    My name is Olivier and I’ve just upgraded to ifeature Pro for my business. I’m a translation agency. I’ve just started so it’s a work in progress. It can be found at

    Website URL:
    Theme Version: ifeatures pro 5
    WordPress Version: WordPress 3.5.1
    Plugins in Use: CodeStyling Localization, Contact Form 7, DirtySuds – Embed PDF, Polylang, TinyMCE Advanced



    Im working on it :(

    But i have still a problem with the slider :(



    Cyberchimps pro: under construction


    and probably a few more

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