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Shell Grid Demo

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    There used to be a beautiful page illustrating the grid options for the responsive theme. I believe it was here: I understand that you are switching to a new forum, but why does this entail breaking every link to past questions and examples? I’m finding it impossible to find answers to questions and am having to search cached pages which doesn’t always work.

    Anyway, in the absolute least, I’d LOVE to have that grid layout picture again.



    The Shell theme has long since been retired. This may be something we revisit. You’re welcome to suggest its return here – and if enough people want the same we’d definitely consider it.



    What I really want is the picture of the grids. There used to be a picture of the different grid combinations for the Responsive theme with the classes overlayed the boxes. I thought it was at that link, but I could be wrong.


    I see, I think Ulrich is planning on updating the demo, let me check.


    Ulrich Pogson

    Here you go…



    Yay! :D The grid has returned! Thanks @Ulrich.

    Will the old link be updated to redirect to this new one?


    Thomas Oliver

    Sort of. Right now it just goes straight to the demo. There is something at causing another redirect, so we can only make it go straight to the demo and then you’ll have to select the Responsive Grid page yourself.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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