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php files

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    Hi, I am new to web development and have created my first child theme using the responsive theme on my local PC-PHP-Xammp. I produced a basic style sheet and php files e.g. functions, index, page, sidebar, header, footer, single, 63 pages of content and used the 3 menus e.g. top, home, footer.

    A fair bit of work, but noticed I had foolishly named my php files index.php.php, functions.php.php etc… The file extension have been added twice to all the files, although it works and displays and appears to accept these file names, I am worried, that maybe when I come to upload to an online host I will have problems, not only that.
    I would rather try and stick to using conventional WordPress coding practices from the outset. I tried to change the file names but couldn’t seem to get the site to show and had to revert back to the initial names.

    I would really appreciate if anyone can help me resolve this. My thinking is that the original naming conventions have been stored somewhere, possibly the database and if I change their file names they won’t linking.

    Thanks in advance



    Jitendra Mishra

    Activate any other theme > Now remove the extra .php from the child theme files > Then reactivate the child theme. This should fix the issue. Otherwise please give link to the site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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