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About CyberChimps Inc.

CyberChimps Inc. is a growing web design and development company based out of San Francisco, California. Primarily, we develop responsive WordPress themes including our flagship products iFeature Pro and Responsive.

CyberChimps is a team of web professionals from around the world who have extensive WordPress experience. The company was founded on the same open-source principles as WordPress itself. CyberChimps believes in supporting customers, designing premium products that just work, and giving back to the greater WordPress community.


Meet the Team

Trent Lapinski

Trent LapinskiTrent is the founder and CEO of CyberChimps Inc., and an internet entrepreneur who has worked in various capacities for such corporations as Playboy, LiveUniverse (started by two of the founders of, L’Oréal and West Coast Clinical Trials. His experience in internet marketing, professional design, web development, business development, project management, online advertising and social media marketing are extremely valuable traits that come with him to the CyberChimps team. Follow Trent on Twitter @trentlapinski.

Bryan Hadaway

Bryan HadawayBryan is primarily our Community Manager, but works on several different aspects of the company, in all departments. From support, marketing and service development and methodologies (and training new hires) to programming and design. When Bryan isn’t monkeying around with CyberChimps he is an entrepreneur of many varying web projects and services, notably as a web and graphic designer. Follow Bryan on Twitter @calmestghost.

Julie Kuehl

Julie KuehlJulie works with the Marketing Team and looks after the blog. She also helps with other copywriting and marketing efforts. Julie is an active member of the WordPress community and serves businesses as a freelancer. She has a wide range of experience and interests in addition to WordPress. Follow Julie on Twitter @juliekuehl.

Surya Panda

Surya PandaSurya is a highly skilled WordPress developer, and a core member of our Development Team.

Thomas Oliver

Thomas OliverThomas is a cyber security specialist, documentation pro, and an awesome member of our Customer Support Team. While not contributing to CyberChimps he can be found on several white hat community boards. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomas__oliver.

Ulrich Pogson

Ulrich PogsonUlrich mainly develops the Responsive and Responsive Pro themes and manages the translations for all of the themes. In his spare time he organises the local WordPress meetup in Bern, Switzerland and contributes back to the community in different ways. Follow Ulrich on Twitter @grapplerulrich.

Grant Lapinski

Grant LapinskiGrant is our Business Development Supervisor. He is a private business consultant and an experienced visual and online marketer. When not consulting, strategizing, or forecasting, Grant enjoys writing informative business guides to help others succeed. He is a motivated and enthusiastic individual with an array of business knowledge that CyberChimps has embraced wholeheartedly. His second nature of spotting potential problems and finding appropriate solutions has proven Grant to be valuable asset to the CyberChimps Team.

More Info

If you would like to contact us concerning business development you can do so by visiting our company contact page (please do not use this contact page concerning support issues).

If you would like to contact us concerning support please visit our support page.

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