New Pro Themes Are Hot Off the Press

Our already awesome themes just got more awesome. We released updates to the pro themes with several improvements. Making them better suited for retina displays was a big priority in this update. They now include font-based social icons and Font Awesome‘s great selection of icons. Plus new retina-ready images and styling make our themes look good on all the latest devices.

CyberChimps magazine element pageAnother great addition is the magazine element. It adds an option for a 2- or 3-column Pinterest-esque layout for your blog. It’s one of a dozen elements available for your pages. So easy and so fun!

There are many more improvements under the hood to improve SEO, ease translation, and generally squash bugs and make the code more poetic. A select few include:

* Footer SEO fix
* Added new metabox class
* Created minified and beautified versions of all JavaScript scripts
* Fixed issue with search bar in menu
* Plus many more!

Plus they now all sport the GPL version 3 license which we’re proud of.

Take a look at the new lineup and upgrade your favorite(s). Words of wisdom: it’s always good practice to backup before upgrading. You can find more info on upgrading over at

  • Lynn Walford

    FYI: Contents of HTML box on homepage were lost after update……

    • Thomas Oliver

      Hi Lynn,

      We usually don’t provide support on the comments section as it can be difficult to follow. If you do not mind, would you please create a new thread on the forums? Thanks.

    • Bryan Hadaway

      Make sure to use the support forum for such help. Thanks

  • Lynn Walford

    Actually, it wasn’t a problem. You changed the look of it. The JavaScript only shows in “Text” view. The other view is more like the WordPress post view.

  • Brent Stangel

    Just bought Business Pro, Thanks for the Holiday discount!