CyberChimps Gone Viral Contest & Giveaway


Contest winners:

1st –
2nd –
3rd –

Giveaway winners:

1st – Brandy Bramer
2nd – Jen Reynolds
3rd – Jamie Leigh Martin

Instructions for Winners

Please email us and provide your PayPal email address for payment. Thanks

For the entire month of January we will be running a contest, giveaway and have plenty of great deals for ya.


Let’s have a good ol’ fashioned website/web design contest.

We want to see all the hard work you’ve done customizing your CyberChimps’ themes into your very own websites. The only criteria is that your website has to be built on top of a CyberChimps’ theme/framework.

Other than that, the sky is the limit on how you’ve designed your site, whether that’s simple and clean, professional, creative or innovative or whatever. I’ll be picking 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st Place Winner Prize – $100 Cash (via PayPal)
2nd Place Winner Prize – $50 Cash (via PayPal)
3rd Place Winner Prize – $25 Cash (via PayPal)

How to Enter – Simply comment below with the URL to your site, that you’re entering (so it clearly must be ready, live and public).

Rules – Only one website submission per person (and that website must be owned by the person submitting it).


Love CyberChimps? Help spread the word. Let’s make 2013 the year of the Chimp.

3 winners will be randomly chosen from those that enter the giveaway.

1st Randomly Selected Winner – $100 Cash (via PayPal)
2nd Randomly Selected Winner – $50 Cash (via PayPal)
3rd Randomly Selected Winner – $25 Cash (via PayPal)

How to Enter – You must do all of the following, let’s go viral!:


– AND –

– AND –

– AND –

Then, simply comment below (this will serve as your official entry) and indicate that you’ve shared us in the 3 ways listed above. Sharing is caring.

But, I already Follow and Like you. – The Retweet is the most important part, but you will have to do something to make up for the remainder of your entry. You’ll need to join our affiliate program and promote our themes with a Tweet and Facebook post.


Deals for everyone, whether you enter the contest or giveaway or not.

Store Link

Use coupon code NYTEN upon checkout for $10 off any order.

Can I do all 3?

Absolutely. If you wanted, you could buy one of our themes using the $10 off coupon, then work on customizing it and submit it to the contest. Then share us with your social profiles/follow us (as indicated above) to enter the giveaway.


The contest, giveaway and deals will all expire on January 31st, 2013. Winners will be chosen on February 1st, 2013.

Good luck everyone and I hope you have fun! If you need any help or clarification feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to keep this post up-to-date with any new info to help clarify.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Thanks, Bryan


#1. Comments Not AppearingSigning up and using a Disqus account will help. Apologies about some comments not appearing right away. Because we’re asking you to share your URLs in comments, this is naturally triggering the spam filter.

No worries, and please don’t try commenting again and again. We received your comment the first time and I’ll personally and actively be watching this contest and comment thread to make sure they all get approved.

This will thoroughly be checked over and over I can assure you, especially on the big day to make sure no one gets left out.

  • Latina R NaturalHairLatina

    Thank you for awesome giveawau

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    Wonderful wordpress themes!

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    Done all three as requested.
    @tamarsw is me. Tamar Swe is me too on FB.

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    Did all three — I’m @guettel78 on twitter and Geoff K on facebook — thanks!

  • Andriska

    Done =)

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  • Anchal Jagtiani

    Done all 3. And here is my comment.

    What I like the most about your theme is the simplicity of the look and feel. I do hope you improve on the Administration Page look and feel. Checkout s2member or graphene for that matter. Much more free features and a excellent administration page. This theme is good for me just for the reason that graphene did not fit my simple look and feel needs. Else I would have opted for a free theme. But I say it again, your theme is really neat and clean. Good work.

  • Angelique
  • Huzefa Neemuchwala
  • victor
  • Robin

    done, done, and done… site is :)

    • Robin

      oops, I mean

      • Guest

        Hey Greg,

        Only one site entry per submitter (rules just before the “Giveaway” header). So you’ll need to pick your best/favorite site that you want to enter.

        Thanks, Bryan

  • elawsuitloans

    Oh, and i can’t wait to get this new slider up, Ive been holding off forever just publishing pages…..

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    Retweeted, followed, liked, and fingers crossed!!

  • New Media Networks

    Did all 3 . . here’s my site!

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    Weird . . my posting isn’t staying up, am I doing something wrong???

    • John Tricoli

      same thing appeared to be happening to me, then when I re-checked, a bunch of them showed up.

  • Billy Robinson

    Great idea for a competition!

    My site is


  • Urban Protective
  • secondstartech
  • André Lefebvre

    Been using your themes almost exclusively over the past year, because of simplicity and responsiveness. Some issues come up when I try to twist the theme to do things it wasn’t straight-forwardly designed to do, but in the end, there is always a solution and I’m very happy with the result. The latest upgrades make things even more versatile. Keep at it guys! Here is my own site:

  • facebook-628734522

    I bought your iribbon theme for – love it!

  • John Tricoli

    To all…what a great slate of sites. I’ve been looking at all of the submissions. All are very interesting and unique and are good to look at to get new ideas.

  • Jon Campbell
  • Axzar
    • Bryan Hadaway

      As per the rules, you’ll need to pick just one site that you would like to enter.

      Thanks, Bryan

    • Axzar

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      • David

        Nice. I want to go on the waterslides… now! Have added to my pinterest list of wharrams

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  • Steve
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    i am impressed i like all your services

  • jaydee2nite i am impressed i like that

  • EveConnected

    Okay, I did it. By the way, your promotional retweet reads very spammer-like.

    • Bryan Hadaway


      “Looking to build a website? Want to win $100? – RT”

      That seems like a pretty straight to the point promo Tweet to me?

  • seagee
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  • magic4children

    Hi, love the idea of the competition. I would like to submit
    some fun to brighten this comp here is my children’s entertainer site built on
    the Cyberchips framework
    I get so many comments from my bookers on how attractive the website is and how
    easy it is to navigate. If you look at the banner on my homepage you will see a
    picture of my very own Cyberchimp, his name is Cheeky Monkey and the kids love

  • AdamBlades

    Thanks for the contest! Love your themes.

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  • yuyudj

    Ok, let’s play! Happy new year.

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    My last entry hasn’t been accepted so posting link again:

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    Happy New Year.

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    Happy New Year

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  • MrWolfman Wolfenstein
    built with cyberchimps :)

  • Fukushima Future NPO

    Under CyberChimps and proud of it ! ; )

  • Mario
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  • Kenneth

    Hi, love the idea of the competition. I would like to submit
    some fun to brighten this comp here is my children’s entertainer site built on
    the Cyberchips framework
    I get so many comments from my bookers on how attractive the website is and how
    easy it is to navigate. If you look at the banner on my homepage you will see a
    picture of my very own Cyberchimp, his name is Cheeky Monkey and the kids love

  • James G. Wolfensberger

    Great contest – thank you!

  • D. Reith
  • AegisFPE
  • Bryan Hadaway

    Hey Pieter,

    You can only enter one site, so please pick your favorite.

    Thanks, Bryan

  • Bryan Hadaway

    You need to pick just one site to enter.

  • Lindsey Mertz

    I did all 3 – @ sweepymummy

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    I did all three as requested!

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  • PLotus

    Thank you, CyberChimps for developer support.
    Specially to Bryan.

    Following site was designed with iFeature Pro.

    Go CyberChimps!


  • Dragos Grama

    Cyber masters

  • majesticbricks

    Cyberchimps iFeature Pro 5. What can i say. Two simple words Quality theme, World class support. Unbelievable price I was astonished when i found that someone like me with almost no knowledge of web technologies can build a smart and contemporary professional website. all within 2 hours. All this happened because of cyberchimps and ifeature Pro.

  • Ben Feist
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      Choose only one site to enter.

  • Ben Feist
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  • David

    I have shared the love on twitter – @inoosa, now following @cyberchimps and clicked on the like button. Please enter me into the giveaway :-)

    Also planning to swap over the theme at asap to the cyberchimps mobile friendly themes!

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