CyberChimps Lite Framework Beta Now Available

After months of anticipation we are proud to release the beta of our new CyberChimps Lite WordPress Theme Framework.

This beta is NOT for production websites, and is for beta testing only!

Download CyberChimps Lite now and watch us on GitHub.

If you experience what you believe to be a bug please submit a new issue to us on GitHub.

If you have questions or would like to submit feedback please post on our free CyberChimps lite forum.

The new CyberChimps Lite framework is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, and includes a brand new responsive theme options panel, touch drag and drop support for mobile devices, as well as a new touch iFeature Slider that you can literally swipe with your finger on mobile devices. We hope to have the new framework officially released by the end of October after beta testing, and we will be updating and releasing new versions of all of our themes on the new framework including iFeature Pro 5 throughout November, and December.

There currently is no documentation available yet as we are still writing it, we made the new framework as easy to use as possible and we are interested to see how people use it without documentation initially. We will have documentation available for the official release.

If you would like to get involved in assisting us develop our new framework please follow the developer instructions.

If you are a Pro customer please contact us if you are interested in beta testing the Pro version of our framework.

Happy bug hunting!